Luther Consulting, LLC

Luther Consulting is committed to helping build a better society for present and future generations
  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 1998

About Us

We offer a very flexible work environment both in terms of roles and schedules. Our staff members work very hard, but our goal is to keep work and life balanced. Luther Consulting employees say they love working here because of this environment. Child home because schools are closed today? Water heater flooded your basement? Need to take your grandmother to the doctor or dog to the vet? Hey, it's life. We get it - go take care of it. It's not PTO and it's not vacation.

Our team members must be able to work independently, ask for help from colleagues when they need it, and volunteer to help when they see that a job needs to be done. Our style is more of a family-owned business where we all look out for one another and try to do some good in the world, rather than a place where we only do the minimum necessary or focus on pleasing shareholders or venture capitalists. It is unusual to work more than 40 hours per week, and when we do it’s because of a large update or similar project.

Laughter is commonplace; big egos are not. Two vibrant black Labs, Milo and Otis, often join us during the work day to encourage us, and to beg for treats.



Mission Statement

Luther Consulting, LLC is committed to helping build a better society for present and future generations. Our mission is to improve the human condition through program evaluation research and technology to support that research. We provide software to conduct research for projects that address the issues of HIV infection and prevention, drug use and abuse, homelessness, as well as social justice for youth, the economically disadvantaged, gay and lesbian people, and underrepresented populations.

We use technology and program research results to help policymakers and practitioners make well‐informed policy and program decisions that will improve educational outcomes, increase economic opportunities, and ensure justice for all people. We want to effect positive changes in our society and in our world, especially for low‐income, low‐achieving, and underrepresented populations.

Our front end is HTML5 and CSS3 with responsive design. With a known user base, we can target modern browser and support less capable browsers (but not too old... no IE8 allowed) with progressive enhancement. We have legacy systems in Adobe Flash/Flex, but all new development is HTML. We leverage a number of JavaScript library including jQuery, Backbone.js, and d3.js for a dynamic client side experience. Our front end sits atop Adobe ColdFusion and Microsoft SQL Server.

We prototype in some combination of Axure, Fireworks, OmniGraffle, Pixelmator/Photoshop/Illustrator, and good old fashioned pencil and paper. Our R&D, Development, and collaboration areas are covered in white boards. Our team uses a mix of Windows and OS X. We test across iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

We have great benefits

Full kitchen (homemade cookies!) plus a coffee/wine bar

Gay owned and supportive

Health Plan 100% paid for Employee

Flexible schedule & home life comes first!

Small VC...we get to control where we go

New, fun space (see pictures!)


10435 Commerce Drive, Suite 140, Carmel, IN 46032