MakeMusic, Inc.

Where Technology and Music intersect
  • Music
  • 51-200 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 1990

People & Culture

MakeMusic is defined by our people. We are a collection of talented individuals all bound by a
passion to contribute to the creation of tools that improve musicians’ lives.  Our developers are part of a highly experienced agile team that take pride in software craftsmanship.

We value creativity, teamwork and collaboration. We foster an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued and respected. All individuals enjoy a sense of belonging and level of support that allows us to do our best work.

Products & History

One of Outside Magazines Best Places to work 4 years in a row TrainingPeaks & MakeMusic are part of Peaksware in beautiful Boulder. We bring together industry leading brands to help guide people along their journey of improvement through a unique approach to deliberate practice.


DevOps -  We want developers to have insight and ownership over code in production, integration tools, infrastructure, and deployment process.  Developers should always ask what it takes to support their systems/code in production.  We value The Phoenix Project as a reference guide.

Product Efficiency is achieved upstream - Focusing on writing well tested and designed code for well understood requirements is the ultimate way to achieve efficiency.

Small, Cross-Functional Teams - QA, Dev, Design, CI, and Product working on a focused and shared vision.

Reduce Complexity - Its easy to make something complex, but difficult to make it simple.  We should always be fighting complexity.  Can we deprecate systems/code?  Do it.  Does the system need to be that complicated?  Do we build vs buy?

Release more often - Constantly work towards shorter release cycles as a means to shore up quality, help make sure we are working on the right things at the right time, and stabilize operations.

Performance matters -  We value engineers that know not to over optimize solutions, but always think how code will perform at expected scale.

Minimum Process Necessary - We prefer collaboration over documentation.  Some process is necessary, but let’s be deliberate about it.  Many times its a simple as ‘shining a light in a dark room’.

Managing Technical Debt - The vast majority of work is maintenance.  Engineers need to have practical philosophies on refactoring.  We like the theory of Broken Windows, YAGNI, and refactor as you go.  We appreciate Clean Code, Working Effectively with Legacy Code, and Pragmatic Programmer as reference guides.

Data Driven - Let’s use the data to help inform what to work on, what is causing performance issues, who is using our features...  Ultimately its the objective plus the narrative that produces great product


Tech Stack

We have great benefits

Medical & Dental Plans

Paid-Time off starting at 3 weeks

10 Paid Holidays

Company-paid Basic Life Insurance

Company-paid short & long term disabililty plans

Healthy Snack Options

Bike Rack and Shower Facility

Walking Paths nearby

Company cookouts and other fun events


MakeMusic, TrainingPeaks & TrainHeroic
7007 Winchester Circle
Boulder, CO 80301