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Maritima Dominicana offers the smoothest logistics experience ever. We offer services up and down the supply chain for importers, exporters and carriers. Our technology powers the experience every step of the way. Our systems cover things as diverse as shipping agency services, customs clearance, warehousing, cargo handling, and transport dispatch. There are many, many more! Our engineering department combines these to provide an ever-more seamless experience for our customer.

Our focus on quality is comprehensive and we are pioneers for our sector and Dominican Republic. Our services have been ISO 9001 and BASC certified since 2000 and 2004 respectively, making us the first Dominican company to obtain these. (We are also the first Dominican company on Stack Overflow ;)

Working at Maritima Dominicana is the chance to do work you can be proud. We are a company committed to the phrase, "A job well done." If you want to run create great user interfaces, write modular-testable code, and most importantly, bring something of value to the world this is the place for you. 

Where Developers Make Developing Easy

Maritima Dominicana used to be the kind of place where developers would be treated like Dilbert. Pointy-Haired Bosses would make outlandish requests and then blame you when the projects were delivered late and of poor quality.

Management realized that this wasn't delivering the smoothest logistics experience ever and now aims to create the kind of environment the best talent can work in.

Developers have access to a quiet development room and loud project management room. You can switch between the two depending on whether you need to understand requirements or build them. We have former Software Engineers doing our project management and making sure that all requests are well-explained and reasonable. They will be trying to sell you on the features that need to be built, and will help you understand how much productivity you will be creating. We love to solve hard problems.

Furthermore, we use tools like Git, Stash, Slack, KanbanFlow to help us produce code that we can be proud of. We have plans to augment this tool set with things like Sonar, ProGet, and Quip in the near future.

Lastly, we recognize that we will always be hiring people smarter than ourselves. We want you to help us become the best at our jobs and hope you are brimming with suggestions as to how we can improve our process. New members are the most important part of our team and we value the freshness they bring to our process.

Using Microsoft Like Stack Overflow Uses Microsoft

Most of our systems are built on the .NET stack. However, we are open to the use of technologies as long as we can package them up appropriately. We are trying to make sure our functions and data is available via API's so that we can be flexible in how we develop and use the best tool for the job be that client-or-server side, Javascript, Python or C#. We still have a few legacy systems with inaccesible databases but these should be phased out by Q1 2016 since they are currently being worked on.




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  1. Free Coffee
  2. Stipend for classes and courses