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Market America/, product brokerage Internet-marketing company, sales $7.3 billion, 800 employees. The ultimate shopping experience

You should be passionate about mobile computing and want to build rich customer experiences that are fast, lightweight, and functional utilizing all the technology available to you.

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What does it take to thrive as a developer at Market America and SHOP.COM? You need to be creative, responsible, and curious while working with others to move quickly in turning code into customer solutions. You’re excited about rolling up your sleeves, implementing big ideas, and learning from those around you. You want the opportunity to grow your technical and professional skills while helping grow a 100 mobile retailer. You relish the opportunity to dig into challenging operational issues and to help us build the next generation of web applications. If you’re somebody who knows how to be both productive and have fun with others in doing it, we need you!

We value that each person brings a distinct and diverse background, life experience and perspective to work each day. By embracing diversity, we are able to enrich our work culture and magnify our business success. We continuously strive to create a work environment where our people feel valued, included and inspired to innovate new and creative ideas

Our Tech StackPython, Java, Javascript, ColdFusion, React, Couchbase, SQL, NOSQL

We evaluate and  look to new technologies to help solve our existing challenges.

Job Openings

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Web-Mobile Applications Lead

Market America / Greensboro, NC

16d ago
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SQL Database Developer

Market America / Monterey, CA

21d ago
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Senior Test Automation Engineer

Market America / Greensboro, NC

28d ago
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Data Scientist

Market America / Monterey, CA

29d ago
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Internet Marketing


501–1k employees






Company Benefits

  1. Awesome low cost, low annual out of pocket insurance
  2. Chance to work with international markets, colleagues around the globe
  3. Casual workplace
  4. On site health care clinic, free, no co-pay
  5. Convenience store style breakrooms, lots of choices
  6. Weekly food truck schedule - lunch comes to you
  7. International holidays recognition and celebrations
  8. Cool company employee events - (We had an eclipse party)
  9. Opportunity to attend & participate in regional developer events
  10. Dedicated parking area for motorcycles