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Apps for the API Connected Social Web

microapps is a technology company with a worldwide distributed team  across more than 5 countries and a multicultural in-house team. We make human web apps to live inside platforms such as: Shopify & AWS (MoonMail). We also swim in the digital payments with MONEI. microapps is bootstrapped with no VC pressing for growth. For now... We do fun things because we feel them.

Learn While Working with the Latest Technologies!

We are ideally looking for people who have worked on high availability transactional systems, helping to analyse, design and implement improvements to ensure they can scale effectively, and understand the challenges in building a large, complex web application.


Company Website Cloud Computing, Cloud Services 11-50 people Founded 2008 Private


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  1. Beach
  2. Flexible Timetable
  3. Your own Apple Gear
  4. Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks
  5. Sports Facilities
  6. Competitive Salaries
  7. Child Care
  8. Conferences
  9. Plus much more!