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MMI (MediaMacros, Inc)

Powerful innovations by creative minds

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Do What You Do Best

We have worked hard to create systems to allow our developers to focus on what they love most - creating awesome code. Our process is streamlined and organized, yet still flexible. We work in rapid development cycles with clear specifications, attainable deadlines, and a smooth process flow.

Our development is divided between client production teams and an advanced core support team. This allows us to constantly streamline our process, reduce development time, and automate repeatable tasks. This gives us more time to innovate and provide our clients with amazing results.

Enjoy Work, Live Life

We believe in maintaining a fun work environment, but we realize your life's goal is not to live at the office. We offer flexible work hours, a "work from anywhere" policy, and a team of great individuals that love what they do.

In addition to reasonable work hours and schedules, we encourage employees to pursue outside interests and we even contribute financially to outside activities to keep them active and healthy.

We want you to love working with us, but never feel tied to your desk. Enjoy work, but more importantly, enjoy life!

We Build the Coolest Toys

We love to innovate and push the limits of web technologies. Whether we are creating the ultimate drag and drop layout system, or building tools to make our own development easier, making the best tools makes the best end product.

In addition to web and mobile technologies, we have worked with motion and pressure systems, facial recognition, real time 3d face mapping, game development, and augmented reality. To us, the only limitation to technology is imagination.

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Company Benefits

  1. Flexible Schedules
  2. Fun & Innovative Team
  3. Health & Fitness Reimbursement
  4. Work From Anywhere in the US
  5. The Best Tools
  6. Vacation
  7. Medical/Dental
  8. 401 K