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Software Artists

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We Are Software Artists

MobiLab is a software engineering company with 43 employees who work in offices in Cologne and Berlin, as well as remotely. 

We are software artists. This means that we are passionate about creating high quality software that is changing the lives of its users. We are approaching every project as a new masterpiece which will push the limits of success for our customers.

Our Company Culture

At MobiLab, we value a positive attitude, constant personal development and knowledge sharing. We are providing the right balance between responsibility and freedom to our employees by creating the right environment that makes people both happy and productive.

What We Do

Our core strengths lie in mobile payment, master data management, mobile ordering and data analysis, but we have also been working on some other stuff here and there. We are an open minded and multicultural team that is always happy to welcome new members.

Why Should You Join MobiLab?

People spend most of their adult life at work. Why not do something that you really love? Come join us.

Our Approach to Development

Computing and creative destruction let us to reshape the industry. We collaborate with people all over the world using tools like SlackConfluenceJira, and GitHub.

Our continuous integration pipeline assures we always ship the latest build and notice errors before they manifest themselves in the wild. Rancher supports us in keep everything running. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud allow us to set up infrastructures within minutes – and with Terraform we are even faster.

Creative destruction empowers us with brand-new technologies to increase our effectivity and efficiency. And on top, it makes our work much more fun!

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Company Benefits

  1. Excellent Salary
  2. Flexible Working Hours
  3. Public Transit Stipend
  4. Pick Your Own Hardware
  5. 1 lunch per week and 2 breakfasts per month
  6. 1 conference or external training per year
  7. 10% Paid Time for Chasing Rainbows & Unicorns