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Engineering at Mobingi

Being an engineer at Mobingi means being part of a small team where your opinions are valued, respected, and actually matter. As a startup that is growing very rapidly, there are many projects in the pipeline: exciting/challenging ones, and projects that involve grunt work (there are also a lot of these) as well.

Now, this might sound like a gloss over to something akin to slave labour, it actually isn't. We typically only work from 10am to 6pm, not for hours on end, although, occasionally, we sometimes do. On our own volition, of course. You won't be on call during weekends either. And you will be appropriately compensated, so long as we can actually afford you.

You will also be provided with all the necessary tools needed to be productive, such as external 4K monitors, software licenses, top of the line laptops, etc.

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Tech Stack

Our primary language in the backend is Go and PHP. We use Vue.js and some jQuery for our frontend. Some services use AWS Lambda and Step Functions so there is also a little bit of Python mixed in. With that said, we don't limit our stack to these languages. In fact, we would like to expand our language use to potentially include Rust, C++, and maybe .NET Core, as long as they will play well with our CI/CD infrastructure.

We also use AWS heavily for almost everything although most of our microservices run on Google's GKE. We use GitHub as our main code repository.


High response rate

This company responds to the majority of applications it receives.

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Company Benefits

  1. Visa sponsorship
  2. Transportation allowance
  3. Health and social insurances
  4. Monthly budget for team entertainment and enjoyment