Your employees and your customers are moving at the speed of mobile. Shouldn't you?
  • B2B, Digital Asset Management, Mobile
  • 201-500 employees
  • VC Funded
  • Founded 2012

We Build Mobile Solutions. You Should Help Us.

You - or someone you know - has used some of the apps we build. Weight Watchers. Fidelity. CVS. Putnam. We've built a long & pretty cool list of clients in two short years.

We're building the most advanced mobile consulting & development company in the world. We've got folks like Joel Evans (co-founder of helping lead us. We're at 160 employees, and growing quickly - this is a fantastic time to join us.

Just a Bunch of Tech-Agnostic, Greenfield Devs

Hi there. We have ADD.

Well - that's a blanket statement. We've got some ADD when it comes to work. Long-term maintenance projects make us shudder: we like the new stuff. Greenfield, custom, hard to figure out. Work that forces us to consult our buddies on Stack Overflow on a regular basis.

Stuff we get to brag about, when it's done, and that leaves us a hell of a lot more well informed than we were when we started working.

We also love mobile. It's our jam. 

That's why we're here at Mobiquity. The world's leading companies turn to us to solve their thorniest issues around mobile. Starting with "what the hell _ is_ mobile, and how do we make it work for us?" We help them with that. Then we take those solutions we've dreamed up, and design & build those solutions. Since our clients have a variety of stacks, so do we. Since enterprise mobile solutions need to work, no matter what the device, we build accordingly (ie, our Android apps aren't afterthoughts from our iOs apps - everything's designed to work natively). We do Android, iOs, kiosks, watches, you name it - heck, we're prepping for Occulus. At some point, we figure, that'll come into play.

This is a _great_ place, if you love mobile. If you love building new stuff. And, if you have a bit of professional ADD...

Stack? Like Pancakes. Oh, You Mean....

We don't have a particular "stack". We tend to find them all delicious (and, at times, less than tasty - but, one adapts, right?), and useful depending on need. Plus, since we do custom work for clients, we have to adapt to them.

We're big on Git, RESTful services, cloud hosting, agile, test-driven dev, etc etc. We also like coffee, pie, and ambushing execs with Nerf guns at inopportune moments. Life's too short for it to not get occasionally uncomfortable, right?

We have great benefits

15 vacation days, 5 sick

Flex time - sometimes, you need to focus out of the office.

Medical, dental, vision, etc. All starting day 1.

Machines matter. We'll get you the tech you need.

Equity & retirement bennies

I'm told there's some sort of gym in the building.

Work with brilliant people.

Training - mentorship, supplies, classes.

Our open jobs

Android Developer

Atlanta, GA

Senior Android DeveloperAt Mobiquity, we build compelling digital solutions that are changing the face of mobile…


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