Thank goodness is Monday

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At, we envision a future where everyone is excited to start their Mondays feeling engaged about the work they’re doing.

What if I told you that 70% of people are disengaged at work and people who are disengaged at work are 99% likely to be unfulfilled in life? Obviously, you'd say that there is a lot of people who hate their Mondays.

And their employers also suffer. Disengaged employees cost an organization approximately $34k for every $100k in annual salary.

At we connect job seekers and hiring managers through the professional communities they trust.

We started by building SaaS tools and some of our clients include:

  • Techstars
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Some of the biggest professional networks in the world already trust us. Join us!

Our Tech Stack

We ship quickly and we ship often. For non-core technologies, we use third-party services as often as possible so that we can spend more time focusing on our users.

Job Openings

Okay, you won’t see this job anymore. Undo - No office location
$6k - 7k Remote
Company Website Job Placement, Marketplace, Social Networking 1–10 people Private


Company Benefits

  1. Remote work
  2. Track your goals accomplished your hours worked
  3. Unlimited vacation. We are all adults.
  4. Meet in person with the team once a year in our company summits