We’re a fully distributed technology team developing solutions to support the global food industry.

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Join our first engineering team!

As a member of the first engineering team at Motiion you have will have unique opportunity to take products from concept to production as we build towards our goal of becoming the global technology platform for the food industry. You will work closely with the co-founder team and be part of not just defining and implementing our technology and product strategy, but also the way we work together as we scale our company.

Demonstrated technical impact is a requirement, but management experience is not. We know that great products are built by collaborative individuals, not by managers. We also know that many amazing developers can be excellent managers, but that's often not what they prefer. Motiion values individual technical contribution and strongly believe it’s the key to Motiion’s success.

Our Tech Stack

The Motiion technology foundation is currently being designed and this is what it's going to look like:

  • JVM based back-end. We believe in the robustness, richness and talent pool of the JVM and its ecosystem.
  • Statically typed, modern language. Either Kotlin or Scala will be our lingua franca.
  • Continuous deployment. Master will always be in production, branch time span short, and features under development will be hidden behind feature flags.
  • Cloud first. We will leverage the differentiated features of the cloud we choose to maximize productivity.
  • Micro-services. Not for the sake of the buzz, but for the sake of organizational benefits as we scale to achieve sustained, high feature velocity.
  • Platform first. Motiion is building an open platform for the entire food industry, including third party application developers. We dog-food the APIs we share with our customers and partners.

Job Openings

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Motiion - No office location

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Motiion - No office location
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Company Website Computer Software, Food & Beverage 1-10 people Founded 2018 VC Funded

Company Benefits

  1. Fully remote
  2. Excellent health insurance and benefits
  3. Founders with proven track record
  4. Well funded (by founders)