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Our tech department consists of nine developers, and is split between two four-person teams:

The Live Experience team, and the Activation and Subscriptions team. The live experience team is responsible for creating a fun, interactive and engaging livestream experience that will keep our users coming back for more, with features like games and 3D races, live leaderboards, and seamless two-way interactions between instructor and user. 

The Activation and Subscriptions team is responsible for creating the smoothest experience possible for our users, whether it’s making it easy to sign up for a trial, joining the right class, connecting to your friends, or setting up the best environment for using our product at home with a stationary bike. 

Our Tech Stack

Our current solution is built on a React Native  app for iOS and Android, and a React.js web front-end with game components developed in Unity. Both our web an mobile front end components use react redux for state management.

Our backend is based on Python, Elixir, Redis, PostgreSQL, and deployed with Docker, Chef and ECS on AWS (we are moving away from Chef, but a few components are still hanging on). The central REST API service is based on Pyramid, and we use Elixir and the Phoenix framework for our real time communication during our live sessions.

A key selling point of our service is that we can calculate your bike cadence and watt from only the vibrations in your bike, picked up with the phone sensors. To do that we rely heavily on machine learning in tensorflow, and for processing our data and preparing it for training our neural networks, we use Apache Airflow. 

We are in the process of factoring out a number of services and switching to a real time streaming architecture, and we will be using Kafka to tie everything together.


Job Openings

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Senior Full Stack Developer

Motosumo ApS Herlev, Denmark

  • 11d ago
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B2C, Entertainment, Health & Fitness


11-50 employees




VC Funded




Company Benefits

  1. Reasonable Work-Life Balance
  2. Remote Work
  3. Fresh fruit, coffee, and soda
  4. Competitive Salary
  5. Free Lunch
  6. Pension and Health Insurance
  7. 6 weeks of vacation
  8. Flexible working hours