We are a leader in mobile marketplaces, working to make life better for billions of people.

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We are Movile


Movile is a global leader in mobile marketplaces and has more than 1600 employees in 16 offices, based in 6 countries, including in the Silicon Valley (USA). 

Over the past seven years, Movile has grown 80% annually and follows up with aggressive growth rates, being the company that most invested in startups in Latin America during the last year. The company is focused in the O2O segment (online to offline), with products like iFood, Sympla, Apontador, and Rapiddo. Movile is also the developer of PlayKids, number 2 in the Kids category worldwide, with users in over 180 countries.

Our big dream is to make life better for 1 billion people through our apps. We do this by working with people who are completely passionate to achieve this dream, empowered to build new businesses with global potential and driven to take risks and to learn as fast as we grow.

For those who work at Movile, dreaming big is part of the job description. Here, apart from all the talent and creativity, we have an extra disposition to push limits, reach results and change the world by developing innovative products. If you have this kind of passion, Movile could be your new big dream.

Nowadays we working as a group composed of a lot of tech companies. Meet each one bellow:

  • iFoodleader in online food delivery in Latin America - is one of the most innovative foodtech companies in the world, with 6.2 million monthly orders. The company of Brazilian origin is also present in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. It acts together with partners with initiatives that bring together restaurant management solutions and business intelligence. In addition, it owns the brand SpoonRocket, an application that was born in the Silicon Valley and focuses on premium restaurants.
  • Sympla: Founded in 2012 Sympla apply technology to transform the management of events and the tickets purchased in a simpler and more efficient process. Nowadays is the number one in sales of tickets in Brazil, leader in DIY, crossed the mark of 1 million tickets sold per month.
  • PlayKids: the biggest global education platform that offers content and activities for children learn playing. With more than 5 millions monthly activated users, since the launched, in 2013, the PlayKids achieved families in more than 100 countries.
  • Wavybrings together content operations, messaging and mobile carrier businesses. As a local leader in cloud messaging platforms in Latin America, Wavy sends more than  7 billion business messages per year, has over 100 million active users and 400 content partner companies, including more than 40 Latin American mobile carriers.
  • Maplink: Founded in 2000, Maplink is a leader in geolocation and logistics solutions in Latin America, optimizing business management for thousands of companies through resources and geolocation intelligence and logistics. With offices in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, Maplink has over 16 years of experience providing complete solutions through its portfolio; divided into three business units: Maplink Logistics, Maplink Geolocation and Maplink Google Solutions. Maplink has been part of Movile group since 2014. Movile group is a global leader in the development of trading platforms and mobile content.
  • Superplayer: a tech company that offers music streaming for B2C clients and musical solutions for comercial partners and the music industry.
  • Mercadoni:  is building the best online grocery shopping experience in LATAM. The platform allows users to shop from the main grocery stores in their city and have their order delivered within 1-hour or at the time and day of their choice. Mercadoni has had explosive growth with a profitable and sustainable business model.
  • Rapiddo: a Brazilian company that makes life easier grouping the principal services that you probably need in your day in the same app. Besides food delivery it is possible recharger your smartphone, ask a taxi, get tickets, read the news and much more. 

Our Tech Stack

Movile group's tech stack is diverse, we believe that the technology has to be used as a tool to create products that make people's daily lives and experiences better.

Here we work with the best and newest technology available and it's very common that our engineers suggest and test different projects. We value tech people that have a sense of ownership and a problem solving mindset! We have a fast paced work style, so embracing big challenges is opart of our culture. Also, our mission is to make life better for 1 billion people, so taking our customers and businesses needs as a priority, while developing their solutions, is essential!

Some curiosities:

  • Our systems support millions of users every day;
  • We impact more than 190 millions users per month;
  • Our communication platform traffics more than 500 millions messages daily;
  • Sympla is Latin America's biggest 'do it yourself' platform;
  • iFood is the biggest food delivery in Latin America doing more than 6 millions requests per month;

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Company Benefits

  1. World-class healthcare benefits
  2. Attractive salary and compensation package
  3. The best tools - workstations, tablets, phones and datacenters
  4. Great offices that offer comfortable work spaces and gadgets
  5. Flexible working hours
  6. Gym reimbursement
  7. Drinks and food are offered to help make the work day more productive
  8. Support to personal and professional development