Nerd Kingdom

For Science!
  • Gaming
  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2012

Makin Cool Stuffs

We are mega nerds when it comes to technology, science and games, and we are an odd bunch that makes it work. Our structural composition consists of artists, behavioral scientists, technologists and mathematicians, and with all this nerdery we are trying to make the games industry and the world just a little less suck.

We are extremely community driven, and we encourage our developers to rant, interact and play with the community we are building with and for. Expect to spend a bit of time not just playing with your colleagues on the project, but also with the community itself. Nerd Kingdom acts as a society, and a collective of minds, more than a company.

Our current project, TUG, is a voxel engine/platform being built with a data driven modular design with user moddability at the core of its systems. And while we are building this tech towards our very own sci/fantasy survival sandbox, we are building a platform to encourage people to build, share, compete and collaborate with one another and really make this tech their own. While we certainly are also making a few games ourselves with this technology, every tool we create for ourselves, we also share with the community.

No suits!

Nerd Kingdom is in a startup mode, so its all work and all play. But this comes with its advantages, for one we are totally owned and operated by the same people that make the tech and work on the game. You never have to worry about some ridiculous decision coming down that comes from fear or lack of understanding from "higher powers" in the group. This project belongs to all of us, and its success and or failure is up to us as a collective of minds. 

We approach all our decisions with logical discussion and debate and we are sure to come to intelligent decisions looking at it from a number of perspectives. There are no egos within the group, but we certainly love to have people on board who are great at what they do and know it. A lot of what we are doing is and will cut into new territory and we need adventurous folks on board!

The Techie Bits

We are developing an advanced graphics intensive game in DirectX 11 from C++. We also use a C# MVC Framework for our web backend. Most of our work is in C++ but we are definitely not limited too it. We heavily rely on boost to accelerate our C++ development. Advanced mathematics are an everyday occurrence for us since we are developing our own game engine from the ground up.

We have great benefits

Sweet Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

Flexible Schedules and play time!

Stock! We said it was your project too!

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