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Work with the finest Rubyists in the land. See the change you bring to client after client. Use a project process that is creative, social and fast. Never, ever stop learning. We’re New Bamboo. Join us.

We’ve created a work environment that encourages productivity without stress.

That means working with friendly, smart people, and a culture of continually learning and improving. It means working on one project at a time; having control over how much work you commit to; and ensuring developers take the important technical decisions on a project. Beyond that, we believe your work should be meaningful and enjoyable, and you should have some choice about what you’re going to do next.

Speaking of culture, ours is shaped by these four values. We are:

We believe honest, respectful and direct communication has no downside. That doesn’t mean being tactless or indiscrete—it means we work better when we’re sure we all understand each other.

We see the best in people, find the best in the situation, and try to always do the right thing. It’s not naïveté—it often comes back to you.

If you don’t know it until you’ve tried it—try it! Puzzling out the answer to a tricky problem, and staying curious about new domains (technical or not) is what keeps us all sharp. Besides, it’s kinda fun.

The whole company is constantly finding and discussing better ways to get things done. We value persuasiveness and meaningful results over hierarchy, and we prefer the long term solution to the quick fix.

Finally, to live up to our value of making a positive contribution to the world, we run Impact Projects. Between clients projects, we set up a team for a few weeks to a few months to focus on finding a problem in the world that could be solved with technology, find an expert in that space, and work with them to build something awesome for the world. 


Our tech stack

We've listed some technologies above, but the truth is we use whatever's most appropriate to the task. Usually this means Ruby, but everyone at New Bamboo is cross trained in several languages. We also encourage you to build your skills, and we regularly hold hack days so you get a chance to build something with new technology you've been playing with.

We also try and give back to the community be sharing our expertise via blog posts and open source. Some of our most popular blog posts cover how to do file uploads in ajax and using clojure to build an analytics service. Our contributions to open source include Dragonfly for image management and Peity for quick and easy graphs

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