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Why choose a tech nonprofit?

  • Create solutions for global public health and environmental problems using data and technology.
  • Work with a small team of passionate colleagues who value teamwork and camaraderie.
  • Continue to learn and grow personally and professionally as we achieve scale and impact.

What problems can you help solve at Nexleaf?


Many global public health interventions around the world face a common conundrum: once implemented, nobody knows how, or even if, they are working.



Nexleaf Analytics is a non-profit technology company based in Los Angeles, California, and we use sensors and real-time data to help find what interventions work and fix what doesn’t. We take advantage of revolutions in two technologies—phones and sensors—to build, scale and support affordable wireless devices and data analytics tools that improve public health and the environment.



We partner with leading institutions such as Qualcomm, Vodafone Americas Foundation,, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to deliver safe vaccines to over 6 million children and to connect 1,000 rural homes with mobile money payments for reducing carbon emissions through cleaner cooking in 7 countries, including India, Mozambique, and Kenya.

Nexleaf's Tech Stack

Nexleaf develops, builds, deploys, and maintains affordable wireless sensor devices that use the cellular network to send temperature data from vaccine storage refrigerators and improved cookstoves to our cloud-based web dashboard, where our clients (governments, health care workers, and NGOs) access metrics, data analytics, and reports. The system drives change and creates impact when combined with our programs to integrate the use of data by our partners.

Front-end: We use HTML, JavaScript (JQuery with various viz libraries), and CSS to implement our web dashboard.

Back-end: We use Python/Django on top of a MongoDB database.


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Company Benefits

  1. Medical insurance
  2. Use your operating system of choice
  3. Equal opportunity employer
  4. Flexible vacation
  5. Friendly co-workers
  6. Flexible work schedule
  7. Walking distance from Expo and bus lines
  8. Family-friendly work environment