nimbus 9

Connecting the Internet to Things
  • 1-10 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2014

Change the world

An often over used statement, but in our case... completely legit.

Ever wonder what it must have been like to work at Google, Facebook or Twitter in the early days?  A lot like this.  Huge ideas coupled with actual traction.

Internet of Things

Turns out...not just a buzz phrase.  It's actually happening and we are riding the wave.

We're the platform that is going to enable the consolidation of the disparate devices and protocols with our cloud-based, protocol agnostic solution.


Real-time messaging from the cloud to physical hardware devices to be controlled and monitored.

We have great benefits



Brand Spanky New MacBook Pros

Vacation without boundaries

Say no to 9-5

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Colorado Springs, CO