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  • Founded 2008

Develop technology to lead healthier lifestyles

Noom, Inc. is a mobile solutions company focused on preventative health.

Noom's research-backed products help people achieve real, positive outcomes. Noom was awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and was also recently selected as one of seven healthcare startups chosen to participate in the 2014 New York Digital Health Accelerator (NYDHA).

Noom was named by Crain’s New York as a Best Place to Work in 2013. Our main asset is an award-winning engineering team with a track record from Google, Microsoft, DARPA, Samsung, and the Free University of Berlin. Our aim is to become a world-class engineering company that will constantly continue to develop and enhance our products to ensure they fully address the needs of our users.

To stay on top, we are constantly on the look-out for talented people. What we can promise to future employees is an enjoyable, transparent, stimulating, and innovative work atmosphere to learn and grow in. 

Our apps are saving lives

Noom's apps boast more than 28 million installs worldwide and its flagship app Noom Coach for Android has been the #1 top grossing Health and Fitness App since 2012 in the Google Play Store. Noom has offices in New York City, Berlin, Seoul and Tokyo.

We recognize that some of the world’s most pressing and least addressed wellness problems are not the same ones we have. We therefore learn the discipline and skills needed to build products for people who are drastically different from us. This is harder, more fun, and benefits the world more. 

And you can have the satisfaction of using your software skills in helping a great cause.  

The Engineering Challenges We’re Tackling

There are a ton of interesting engineering challenges related to preventable health conditions, and yet few engineers are working on them. 66% of Americans are obese, it's the fifth leading cause of death worldwide, but only a couple big tech companies working on addressing it. Many of the companies that do work on these issues target sexy gadgets or general tracking software. Because human behavior is a very complex thing to analyze and modify, our problem space is constantly evolving as we learn. As a result, we’re working on a lot of different problems at various times. Here is a snapshot of some of our engineering challenges to give you a taste:

Willpower & Nutrition Hacking with big data (aka Coaching)

We build many features that explore psychological principles like loss aversion, self-efficacy, habit formation to essentially hack willpower. We are constantly experimenting with the easiest way to get people to follow a diet with the largest impact.

Food Logging

Food logging is the single most proven large-scale behavior intervention, for any diet changes but especially weight loss -- and we have the data to show it. Yes, it's a bit of pain to do, but a lot easier than actually changing your diet. So for this intervention, the aim is to make it as easy and as rewarding as possible.

Virtual Support Groups

We know that group motivators can be really effective in helping people form and stick to new habits -- AA, WeightWatchers, and many others have demonstrated success. We also have early data that shows this effect can be replicated in a virtual setting (what Facebook did for keeping in touch with friends, we can do for joining a support group), but it requires building some really innovative tech.


We’ve currently got a basic model working using FTS3, but we’re always exploring faster alternatives, especially as our data set grows. These technical challenges exist in addition to all of the UX challenges of how to effectively craft an interface to help the user produce outcomes.

Dev Tools/Infrastructure/Scale

With the scale and complexity of our apps, we often had to develop more efficient custom solutions for infrastructural problems (while always re-using such tech where we can!). For example, we've created a more efficient lazy transactional replication framework, customized the Android build tools to be more efficient and work with a single source tree, and created a custom Python-based data analysis framework. We're also always on the look out for ways to optimize all parts of our mobile stack (HTML5/iOS/Android/SqlLite) and web serving stack (Nginx/Spring MVC/mySQL/Mongo).

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Noom is a wellness technology company with over 33M people using our products. We fight the biggest and baddest killers…


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