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Nord Security

5 days ago

This month at Nord Security, we're celebrating Privacy Awareness Month! 🔐 Our Privacy team is sharing essential tips to help you safeguard your personal data. Curious about trusting apps with your info? Need tips on reducing your digital footprint? Watch the video to find out 👇

Nord Security

1 week ago

With a buzzing 1,000 attendees at the Warsaw event, 2024’s 4Developers was a memorable one. Thanks to all who stopped by our booth for a chat or tried their luck at the Nord Security quiz!

Nord Security

2 weeks ago

Baltic brilliance is on display at this month’s Days of Opportunities event at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga! Engaging with bright minds from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania is always inspirational 🇪🇪🇱🇻🇱🇹

Nord Security

3 weeks ago

“Involve your teams in the decision-making. They’ll have more ownership in what they’re doing and be more engaged.” - that's the secret tip that NordLayer’s Head of Platform Engineering, Carlos Salas, shares for successful teamwork during this round of 11 Random Qs. Check it out 👇

Nord Security

4 weeks ago

Internet service providers (ISPs) run the information superhighway, overseeing our data. In our blog post, Domininkas Virbickas, Head of Development TP/QOS at Nord Security, charts the evolution of encryption and its vital role in safeguarding our digital privacy from ISPs.

Our Story

Company Cover Image

Nord Security is one of the world’s leading digital security and privacy solutions providers. Used by millions of customers worldwide, our suite of products include: 

  • NordVPN - the fastest VPN on the planet, built to protect your online traffic and privacy with next-generation encryption.
  • NordLayer - an adaptive network access security solution for modern businesses, helping organizations to fulfill scaling and integration challenges.
  • NordPass - a password manager designed with the user in mind, from simplicity to security. Built using zero-knowledge encryption.
  • NordLocker - a powerful end-to-end encryption tool for safely storing and sharing files. Comes with secure cloud storage.

Our community of cybersecurity experts, software developers, engineers, data analysts, and tech professionals share one common goal – to create a safe cyber future for everyone

As a team, we are future shapers, restless achievers, self-movers, honest communicators, and team players. Our values define our day-to-day work, informing how we approach challenges, collaborate, and innovate.

With the ever-evolving world of cybercrime and data protection issues, we know our work makes a difference. Join us and help build a safe cyber future. 

Learn more about life at Nord Security on our blog.

Our Tech Stack

Nord Security developers collaborate on many different projects across our growing product ecosystem. Whether creating next-level innovations, like meshnet, or sharing insights in one of our regular Tech Days, our community strives to stay ahead of the curve. 

Here’s a glimpse of our different tech departments:


The mobile department believes in constant improvement and innovation, so it takes the initiative to refine all products at every stage. We’re actively involved in all phases of development with other teams to obtain the best outcomes – from the simplest UI elements to innovative features. 

Desktop applications

The desktop applications department is a collaborative team of passionate backend engineers focused on what can be done instead of what's been done. We build on each other's ideas to solve complex problems by using C#, .NET, SWIFT, Linux, and macOS technologies.


The frontend team is in charge of making sure that the visual elements of a website or mobile app are functional. To create an exceptional user experience, we think from the client's perspective and incorporate UI/UX design. Our expertise helps us come up with world-leading solutions. 


The backend department uses modern and innovative technologies to create our world-leading cybersecurity products. We have squads that work towards different goals, but we are mainly known as driven professionals writing quality code.


The infrastructure department is responsible for influencing and tracking change, providing frontline support, and delivering software-defined solutions. 

Engineering leadership

To achieve a long-term technical strategy with the right direction, the engineering leadership department collaborates with other departments on legal, financial, and other matters. We are a group of experts renowned for taking calculated risks that lead to breakthroughs and knowledge-sharing within the community.

Quality Assurance

The QA department ensures our software products are of the highest quality and efficiency. We are a dedicated team of inspectors who carry out audits to validate quality criteria for customers, management, certifiers, and other stakeholders.

Threat protection

The threat protection department is responsible for all of the cybersecurity features inside our products to secure our users from malicious actions and ensure customer privacy. To achieve the desired security goals, we are sharp and base our attitude on high ethical standards and integrity.

Data, research, and insights

The data, research, and insights department possesses a growth mindset based on insightful data. We enjoy performing statistical analyses with Looker, B Query, Google Analytics, and Tableau to conclude product or customer experience improvement.



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Cybersecurity, Network Security, Software Development


1k-5k employees









Company Benefits

  1. The opportunity to shape a more trusted and peaceful online future.
  2. L&D support like conferences, internal meetups, books, and more.
  3. Work with the latest technologies.
  4. Stability. After bootstrapping for 10 years, we know stable growth.
  5. Team buildings, parties, and opportunities to travel to HQ.
  6. Flexible working arrangements built around the individual.
  7. An international team. We’re 55+ nationalities and growing.
  8. Gym membership, online & in-person workouts, mental health support.
  9. Access to all Nord products, free of charge.
  10. Learn from top minds in a cybersecurity unicorn.