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Our culture and values

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At Odoo, we believe success comes from making the best product for our customers. We don't do BS-marketing, we don't make outbound calls. We build the best product on the market, and our customers come to us. 

Our suite of business apps is completely developed in-house. We don't out-source anything. If you choose to work with us, you'll have the chance to impact millions of users across various industries. From building the best website builder and eCommerce solution to improving the way a factory work, no two teams are the same. We won't give you an 80-pages spec-sheet to code; we expect you to take initiative, to take the project as our own, to suggest ideas, we don't just want good code, and we know that if you are invested, it will be amazing code. 

What our developers love at Odoo:

  • They define their own specialization; they progress and learn with amazing colleagues.
  • There is room to experiment.
  • Using the right tool for the job.
  • No solution architect, no business analysts, no Gantt charts. 
  • We are open-source. We aim to be one of the biggest open-source contributors worldwide.

How do we make decisions? 

  • We build for the long term.
  • We focus on users.
  • We execute faster.
  • We keep things simple.
  • It's okay to fail.

Our people are our strength

Odoo is full of smart people with whom you'll learn quickly

We value these three traits: 

  • Autonomy: we expect you to be autonomous and take initiative.
  • Evolution: we expect you to learn and improve your skills.
  • Adaptability: Odoo is a growing company, people have to adapt continually.

Our management style

We believe in a flat hierarchy, we want everyone to make an impact and for that, we think that a short path to the decision-makers is key. 

When we do have a hierarchy, it's a leader, not a manager, everyone is welcome to give their opinions and we hope that you will, we want you invested, you think something is deeply wrong, our CEO and CTO offices are always open. 

Our history

Odoo was founded in 2004 by Fabien Pinckaers. It is one of the most prominent Belgian and Walloon success story. With growth exceeding 50% every year for the last few years, we have grown tremendously, from a small company of fewer than 10 people ten years ago we are now more than one thousand with offices all over the world. 


Our Tech Stack

Odoo, the business applications suite, is available online on our Cloud and on premise (developed locally).

The software runs on Python 3 - most of our high-level python stack is made in-house, including:
- ORM layer (interfacing with PostgreSQL exclusively)
- templating engine (qweb)
- web framework (based on werkzeug)
- business code (our core business)

On the client-side, we have developed our own web framework for our specific needs - it is heavily event-driven and uses jQuery for DOM parsing.

For our Online platforms, we use mostly open-source software on our 100+ bare-metal and VPS servers: Ubuntu LTS releases, nginx, rsync, fabric, systemd are the daily tools of employees working at DevOps.

We use git as our version control system throughout the company, have a look at our main repository on Github!






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Company Benefits

  1. World Class Colleagues
  2. Be part of one of the fastest growing IT companies in Belgium
  3. Impact millions of users!
  4. Attractive salary with all the perks (car, insurance, ...)
  5. Video games, beers, gym, yoga, kicker at the office
  6. Support of a real usability and testing team
  7. Flexible hours
  8. International, young and fun atmosphere with a start up mentality