Oliver Wyman Digital

Intersection of technology and high business impact. Autonomy to do great work. Tons of variety. Awesome colleagues.

Life at Oliver Wyman Digital

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Our proposition is simple:

  • You will work with people as passionate and awesome as yourself - we have a "no jerks" policy
  • You will get variety of tech, industries, projects, and clients
  • You will deliver work that has real impact in how our clients do business
  • You will choose the work-life balance that works for you
  • We will invest in you
  • We will help you grow your career while remaining hands-on and technical
  • You will work in smaller, more agile, flatter teams than is the norm elsewhere
  • You will be empowered and have more autonomy and responsibilities than almost anywhere else
  • You will help recruit your future colleagues

OW Labs is the technical delivery arm of an international management consultancy. We operate under the Oliver Wyman aegis with a distinct culture that gives us the space to emphasize what we as technically-oriented people think is important. We are a tech startup within a big firm.

We are all builders & doers. We love tech. We are absolutely committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients. Everyone in the team, even the "C-suite", is expected to stay close to technology and get their hands dirty whenever required -- it's usually more fun to build than to manage!


Our Tech Stack

We don't constrain ourselves to a limited set of technologies. Instead, we will use the best tool for the job. Those who are successful at OW Labs have other qualities:

  • Experience with several programming languages, different programming paradigms, and operating systems
  • A passion for technology. Some of us like to contribute to open source projects
  • Experience in all stages in the project life-cycle
  • Initiative and ability to drive things forward (i.e., taking the bull by the horns!)
  • Ability to handle multiple workstreams and prioritize accordingly
  • Commitment to delivering value and helping clients succeed

Job Openings

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Oliver Wyman Digital - London, UK
£75k - 100k

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Oliver Wyman Digital - Berlin, Germany
€80k - 100k Paid relocation



Agile Software Development, Consulting, Machine Learning


51–200 employees







Company Benefits

  1. Culture of flexible working, from home, office, or anywhere you like
  2. Career progression while staying technical
  3. Training & continuous improvement, protected "kaizen time"
  4. Health & wellness benefits
  5. International travel opportunities
  6. Great pension, 401k matching
  7. Equal opportunity employer
  8. Share purchase scheme
  9. Competitive salary
  10. Great locations around the world