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Drive the future of eCommerce.

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Who we are and what we do:

As part of the Otto Group we are one of the most successful eCommerce companies in Europe with more than 2 Mio. visits/day and up to 10 orders/second.

On our campus in Hamburg our team of 4500 people work passionately on creating the future of eCommerce.

We innovate and experiment within cross-functional agile teams making use of methodologies such as SCRUM, Kanban, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming and Continuous Delivery. Not only that, we make use of an extremely modern and diverse tech stack. Continuously inspecting and adapting on every level, the customer and their needs are always our focal point. Our goal is to provide a truly innovative inspirational digital shopping experience regardless of the device.

What makes us different is our focus on values. We value and support social and sustainable conduct because we know that we have a responsibility to shape the digital world in a human way. 

Do you want to support us along the way? Check out how you can become a part of our team.

Our Technology-Stack:

Learn more about our projects on our Tech Blog and check out our Meet-ups!


def find_developers(language, speciality, location):

    if language == "python" | "java" | "javascript" | "clojure" | "scala" |

        if speciality == "scaling":

            if location == "anywhere":

                return #apply now



Job Openings

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Company Benefits

  1. Competitive salary, pension matching
  2. 30 days paid time off, flexible working hours, 37.5 hour-weeks
  3. Excellent hardware, modern & comfortable work place, co-working areas
  4. Cross-functional teams, Coding Dojos, Slack days
  5. Join (international) tech conferences & our on-site tech events
  6. Free coffee & high quality on-site restaurants
  7. Attractive employee discounts in all our shops
  8. On-site gym & fitness classes, internal sports teams
  9. Subsidized public transport ticket
  10. Parents network, holiday camps for kids