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Outfit7’s Talent Camp Game Jam event is a chance for newcomers to make games together with the pros. UI Artist Veronika B. was one of many for whom Talent Camp was a step on the path from gamer to game maker! Read Veronika’s story to find out how Talent Camp is a learning experience like no other!


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In this deep dive, Senior Lead Software Engineer @Boštjan Lasnik shares insights into the process of migrating real-time ad bidding to Google Cloud Run. Read on to find out what challenges we faced, and how the benefits of the switch have already made it all worthwhile.


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Discover the Outfit7 journey of Software Engineer Maj Bajuk. From humble beginnings fixing bugs to leading development on one of the world’s most popular games! Read how his career rapidly skyrocketed, and learn about all the unexpected twists and exciting challenges he encountered along the way.


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User privacy has always been among our very highest priorities so our compliance library is an essential tool. In this Medium article, Senior Lead Software Engineer Primož Bevk breaks down how we made sure that the library would work perfectly on all devices, even offline.


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Join Neja Bizjak, Senior Lead Marketing Expert, Nina Jancic, Senior Lead Marketing Designer, and Žan Žveplan, marketing Creative Director as they share insight into everything that went into, and came out of, our My Talking Angela 2 fashion contest community engagement campaign.

Level up your career

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At Outfit7, we prioritize the growth of our engineers by making it a top focus for Engineering Managers. Our approach involves understanding your technical background and personal aspirations. Through tailored challenges year-round, we guide experts along their career paths, all geared towards achieving company objectives.

Gain and share invaluable knowledge

Regular cross-project tech talks take place where software and quality assurance engineers openly share solutions to technical hurdles, discussing their methods and key takeaways. Contribute beyond our walls by sharing insights in our  Outfit7 Tech Blog on Medium, fostering global Tech community connections. Embrace yearly opportunities to attend major conferences, gaining and spreading knowledge. We empower engineers to even take the stage and deliver their conference talks.

Contribute to communities

Outfit7 actively participates in local events and collaborates with esteemed universities. Join our annual Talent Camp, where our experts mentor gaming enthusiasts, offering an entry point into the gaming industry.

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Crafting Excellence With our Tech Arsenal

Our Tech team is assembled of experts that take a meticulous approach to implementing video games and our infrastructure to achieve smooth performance on a wide range of iOS and Android mobile devices. This represents an ongoing challenge since we’re constantly pushing for a better visual fidelity of our games and striving for architectural enhancements and efficiency.

Building the ultimate mobile game engine: Starlite

We dared to develop our own general-purpose game engine Starlite with C++ to squeeze the most out of performance-limited mobile phones. Our engineers took a pragmatic approach and went deep under the hood to implement lots of custom solutions for technical challenges they faced. However, we’re using Unity game engine with C# to make next-hit games and take our own approach in lots of areas like assets loading, rendering pipeline, and animations to mitigate small performance bottlenecks that could heavily accumulate and present unwanted run-time performance slowdowns for rendering and CPU cycles.

Boosting infrastructure: revealing Android, iOS, and Backend achievements

Our Android and iOS teams and the backend department deliver infrastructure to ensure that our games get advanced monetisation mechanisms, can absorb hundreds of millions of monthly active users, and serve them with server-side backed systems. For reference, we’re processing on average 6TB of data daily that is being written to BigQuery. Backend infrastructure written in Java&Go is crunching numbers using 1500+ CPU cores. The DevOps team is using Jenkins and CircleCI to provide a scalable and standardized cloud infrastructure for making automated builds so the whole company can try out anytime our latest games in the making.

Pioneering QA: Ensuring excellence

QA engineers are an integral part of each game team and are fully integrated into the production pipeline right after the pre-production phase of a game. They hunt down corner cases early by thoroughly checking specifications and GDD, challenge technical flaws, and actively contribute to game features’ specs, as well they design custom Debug tools for games. Testers use tools like Zephyr to define test cases and ensure a smooth player experience and flawless functionality. As well they take advantage of having almost 1000 devices at hand to test properly each resolved JIRA ticket by Developers so that also from the user perspective the game works as specified. To really delve deep, QA engineers study stack traces using BugSnag and are manually querying analytics events and errors from BigQuery, sometimes also Unity to test the game in the making on computers.

Ready to dive deeper into our work? We’re gamers and technology is at our core here at Outfit7 if you want an inside scoop on development, engineering & tech innovation our tech blog is the best place to continue your journey: 


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