Pairin, Inc.

the Talent Science Co., is evolving education and hiring w/ automated success behavior analysis
  • 1-10 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2012

Funded, growing and making a big step forward

Got a shipping product, customers and  expanding our product line to finally help education bridge the opportunity gap. Bringing all engineering in-house and need two RoRs developers to head up that area of our business and direct our future products.

Opportunity-Voice-Personal Growth

Our entire business is based on measuring and developing the behaviors that make people successful - so we REALLY value your design and personal development. Tell us how you want to grow, develop, influence and work. We always want to know.

SaaS company values clean, sexy, code w/ substance

We are a RoR shop, so you need 2-3 years of experience minimum. We are working with an outsourced UI/UX team and open to you managing off-shore development for heavy load periods if necessary. You'll need real-world experience with Postgres SQL databases, including being able to write and decipher pure SQL. Significant experience with object-oriented programming techniques and best-practices. Significant experience with test-driven development (TDD) using Rspec.

Experience writing your own JavaScript code (as well as working with JQuery), and the ability to roll your own HTML and CSS. Experience with modern source-control systems, specifically Git.

We have great benefits

Unlimited vacation time - Seriously, we are only about results.

Just tell us what stuff you need.

You'll be covered.

New RiNo office June 1 - lots of community and amenities

From coffee to kegerator - we feed your need!

Close to bike trails, rail, buses and interstate

We are a people business - and not so freaky as this graphic

Free gym, steam room, pool on-site

Free executive coaching - become the person you always imagined

VERY competitive salary w/ equity(good early-not scary early)


3455 Ringsby Ct.
Denver, CO 80216