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52 weeks ago

Rémi Lanvin, one of our Engineering Managers shares all about this topic based on his experience and covers the most asked questions as well as some of the main differences between what is it like to work in a start-up compared to working in a large company as a software engineer.


52 weeks ago

Let's #TECHABREAK ☕️ with Javier Urbistondo - one of our Backend Engineers from Madrid. He talks about what it's like to work in the P&E department at Personio. Discover why out of all programming languages, he would definitely marry Kotlin and find out which one he would have to kill!


52 weeks ago

Sashi Kumar, one of our Backend Engineers from the P & E department, shared some great insights about "How we reduced the number of daily HTTP 5xx errors by 80% by implementing graceful termination in one of the legacy PHP services that we are still maintaining while it is being migrated to Kotlin."


52 weeks ago

Manuel Montenegro (better known as Manolo)👨🏻‍💻 is one of our Senior Backend Engineers in Madrid. In 5th grade, he had already figured out that "creating was his thing". He tells us about the rituals of a typical day working in a team divided between two different cities (Munich & Madrid).


52 weeks ago

Let's TECHABREAK ☕️ with Pierre Piriou, who after two years working with us, is now one of our Engineering Managers for Infrastructure Engineering. He agrees that tech is also about creativity, and he recommends a Sci-fi book to stay creative.

About us

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Personio is the all-in-one HR software for small and medium-sized companies. Based in Munich, Madrid, London and Dublin,

Personio's mission is to make HR processes as transparent and efficient as possible so HR can focus on what matters most: people and strategy. The Personio solution includes human resources, recruiting and payroll and supports all core HR processes every business needs to do. More than 3,000 customers operating in over 80 countries use Personio.

In January 2021 alone, Personio received a $125 million Series D funding. With a valuation of $1.7 billion, Personio has ‘unicorn’ status and is the most valuable HR tech company in Europe. As one of the fastest-growing B2B SaaS companies in Europe, we have a great product, an amazing team with more than 1000 employees and a market that is only waiting to be developed.

Being a Personio means being part of something big. It means shaping the future of HR, the future of our company and at the very same time: your own. We are just getting started and aim high: Our goal is to build the leading HR platform in Europe.

  • More than 1000 colleagues from more than 63 nations
  • Have a direct impact on the daily work of tens of thousands of users and work in a creative environment with talented and ambitious team members
  • Colleagues and Teamleads who value knowledge and reasoning over seniority 
  • Flexible working hours and home office regulation
  • High-end hardware, e.g. MacBooks and noise-canceling headphones
  • Regular team events, including office dinners, skiing trips, and parties


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About our engineering positions

Join our Engineering Team and take an active role in shaping our engineering culture and the future of our platform. You will work in an effective, autonomous feature-based team, where you will get to play out your dev skills in a high-impact driven environment. You will be responsible for the full cycle of feature development in your team (from conceptualization to maintenance), and take part in architecting our complex, mission-critical HR Operating System.


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Cloud-Based Solutions, HR Services, Software Development


1k-5k employees




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Company Benefits

  1. 1,500 Euro development budget
  2. UNU Electric scooter, JobRad or a monthly public transport ticket
  3. Creative, agile environment with members from more than 50 countries
  4. Flexible working models
  5. High-end Hardware (e.g. MacBooks, noise-canceling headphones)
  6. Regular team events (e.g. office dinners, skiing trips, parties)
  7. Weekly German language course
  8. Competitive compensation package (e.g. salary, benefit, virtual shares
  9. Healthcare and pension plan (Dublin)
  10. Qualitrain membership