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Cook more and live better with us at Plated!

Great Technology = Eating Well Made Easy

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Plated is at the forefront of culinary subscription. Our development environment ensures that engineers are in touch with the fascinating problems that they are solving, and our technology stack makes it possible to get fresh, high-quality perishable food from local sources to tables in a more efficient way than ever before.

Plated is leveraging technology to make dinnertime easy and more fun - eat and live better with us at Plated!

Great Jobs Right Now

As we scale the Engineering team we believe the best approach to maintaining productivity and reducing communication and coordination costs is through the creation of small, cross-functional, autonomous teams working in parallel. We aim to mirror the organizational structure in the code by breaking the existing "monolithic" apps into smaller, more granular micro-services with well-defined but loosely-coupled dependencies.   

The goal is to have shared ownership across many small services allowing high-quality features and services to be built and maintained cheaply and easily and swapped out and replaced with minimal cost.  As a team we were productive and familiar with the Heroku tools and workflow but beginning to identify limitations in what Heroku can do, particularly in a world of multiple internal services. This low-friction workflow was one of the main factors in investigating the Deis open-source PaaS allowing us to begin the transition to a more flexible containerized deployment strategy without sacrificing the ease of use, tooling and workflow that we are familiar with.

Our Technology Stack

Plated runs on several Ruby/Rails back-end applications serving both HTML and JSON APIs. Our APIs support the web front-end, internal services and our mobile iOS app. The web front-end is a mix of React and custom Javascript. Our primary transactional database is Postgres. Analytics data is pushed to RedShift for further processing by the data team. Redis is used for caching and for handling background processing and message queues. We take testing and code quality seriously. CircleCI runs an automated Continuous Integration process with a comprehensive suite of feature tests in RSpec and Capybara.   Our "legacy" apps are deployed on Heroku with a flexible Amazon ELB/Varnish/NGINX caching and proxy layer out in front. We are in the process of moving to a more granular micro-service architecture. We are starting to deploy internal services as Docker containers to a Deis (open-source PaaS) cluster running on AWS, and we're looking at leveraging other AWS "native" services like RDS hosted databases, ElastiCache Redis caching and SNS/SQS messaging as we transition away from the Heroku ecosystem.






E-Commerce, Food & Beverage


201–500 employees




VC Funded



Company Benefits

  1. Excellent insurance benefits
  2. Unlimited vacation
  3. Equity options
  4. Education stipend annually
  5. Free Plated box weekly
  6. Free snacks
  7. 401(k) & more on the way!