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1 week ago

On Monday, we welcomed 24 talented students across 17 different universities to take on internships in software engineering, machine learning, product management, design, operations, and marketing. We can't wait to see the impact they make this summer!


3 weeks ago

We're honored to be named to the Women Tech Council's 2024 Shatter List! The Shatter List highlights our progress toward creating and enacting practices and cultures that remove the glass ceiling. We're excited to be recognized and committed to continuing to foster an inclusive culture.


4 weeks ago

✨ 'Take the first step, learn from the result, then keep going. You CAN have it all.' ✨ Dive into our latest Q&A with Shelly Murdock, Pluralsight Software Engineer and driving force behind our Women Who Code group.


4 weeks ago

We are excited to welcome Chris Walters as the new CEO of Pluralsight! Chris has tremendous experience growing and scaling content and data-driven businesses and will lead Pluralsight into its next phase of growth and innovation for our customers.


4 weeks ago

"Pluralsight allows my passion and drive as an educator to shine through content production." Check out our recent takeover post from Heather Sherwood, Assessment Content Producer here at Pluralsight to learn about her journey into tech.

Build cutting-edge tech for teams who build cutting edge tech

Company Cover Image

Brilliance is everywhere, but opportunity is not

Our solutions narrow that brilliance vs. opportunity gap by empowering teams to build better and technologists to dream bigger. 

Over the last decade, we’ve transformed the tech skill development market. And we’re not stopping there. We’ve set our sights on new competitive landscapes and solutions that meet customer needs in bold, groundbreaking ways. We’re on a mission to advance the world’s technology workforce—and that motivates us on the daily. 

Sounds good, right?

We're hiring! Check out our open roles here.

Working here

We love advancing the world's tech workforce, but we're also all about advancing our internal workforce. Innovative programs and processes create an ideal environment for growth.

  • Professional development - We cultivate a culture of learning and enable engineers to grow their skills and mentor others.
  • Responsible autonomy - Our teams choose how to address problems within their domain and problem space.
  • Collaboration - We work collaboratively within our team and across the company.
  • Co-creation - We co-create outcomes with leaders and commitments with other teams.
  • Diversity - We seek—and celebrate—talented individuals from a diversity of backgrounds and locations.
  • Remote-first connection - We support our worldwide workforce with remote-friendly tools and regular check-ins.
  • Purposeful communication - We give and receive feedback willingly and respectfully and encourage healthy debate.
  • Healthy systems - Our systems are reliable, scalable, maintainable, and secure. Bonus points for being awesome too. 

Our engineering principles

We build cutting-edge tech for teams who build cutting-edge tech. And we look good doing it. How? Embracing principles and practices that build and support a healthy engineering culture. 

We help organizations upskill and transform at scale

Our engineers work on projects that help the world's technology workforce develop critical skills, improve processes and gain insights through data. It's the best job ever. For real.

We are empowered and responsible

Those closest to the work know best how to complete it. Responsible autonomy is a driver of innovation and a requisite for happy, high-performing teams. We like happy.

We are committed to healthy teams

Focusing on the human experiences we create as we interact with others is at the core of healthy teams, and healthy teams produce better outcomes. Best win-win ever.

We have best-in-class tools and processes

We're huge fans of robust systems. They deliver best-in-class customer experiences, build customer trust and reduce development and maintenance costs.

We optimize for value delivery

Optimized workflows allow us to move quickly and better respond to changing market conditions and customer needs. (Did we mention we move quickly?)

We are driven by data

Data helps us identify what to build, provides visibility into how we can improve and instills confidence in our actions. It also exposes bias, so we say, "Bring it!"

Ai-ling Chang

"We embrace a mindset of continuous improvement and encourage team members to take ownership of their careers. As part of that, we advise leaders and team member to co-create development plans. Whether it be upskilling, reskilling or expanding their influence, we believe in investing in skills development and facilitating growth experiences."

Ai-Ling Chang
SVP of Product, Skills Shared Platform


If you are:

green checkA lifelong learner  green check A creator   green check An optimist   green check A problem-solver   green check Committed to progress

. . . this just might be your happy place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


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Company Benefits

  1. Unlimited paid time off
  2. Summer Fridays
  3. Comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage
  4. Pluralsight subscription
  5. Wellness reimbursement
  6. Tuition reimbursement
  7. Parental leave
  8. +Much more