an iContracts company. Improving healthcare playbooks makes for better care.

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Engineers + Autonomy + FOSS = Success

Our engineering team is here to solve hard problems for our customers. We work together to make each other better and to make our product better, every day. We're proud that this philosophy brings us an unheard-of >99% renewal rate and very high growth rate (>50% last year).

At PolicyStat, we don't just use open source software, we default to contributing back. You'll be expected to build a portfolio of open source contributions and to improve the software ecosystem for more than just our team.

End The Tyranny of Three Ring Binders!

PolicyStat is a web-based policy management system to health care organizations, large and small.

As an engineer, you understand the value of good documentation and the importance of tools for managing those docs (e.g. GitHub + Read The Docs). Organizations need great documentation even more than software does (hospitals can lose accreditation without it) and our customers choose us to replace their paper + 3-ring binder "system" or their Word docs + shared drive situation. As a result, we're now self-funding with customers in 44 different states.

We understand the power and flexibility of change-controlled, easily-updated, content-focused documentation. Enterprise software gets a bad reputation for a reason, but our focus on the end user has driven our insanely low customer churn rate (<1%).

Tech Stack

Our current technology stack and toolkit is focused around Django, Python, Javascript, Ubuntu, AWS, GitHub, Vagrant and Trello.

We use TDD, 100% code review, pair programming and Kanban to manage our development process. We really enjoy building things for people, so we deploy to production multiple times per day (~650 times in 2016).


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Company Benefits

  1. Weekly catered team lunches
  2. Medical, dental, and vision plans
  3. 401(k) savings plan with company match
  4. Flexible hours and generous PTO
  5. Standing desks, large monitors and System76 laptops