We create lasting and innovative solutions, which we and our clients can take pride on.

Cloud native superheroes

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We know software development, digital payments, and the cloud. We’re 30 brilliant minds constantly innovating and helping our clients make the world a better place. What unites us is that we write excellent software as consultants and tell bad jokes, which we laugh at ourselves.

You might use our services every day without even knowing it. Recently we developed the card payments feature for HSL’s mobile ticket application. We implemented Finland’s first NFC payments for RAY’s (nowadays Veikkaus’) slot machines and also develop and operate Veikkaus’ card and online payments system in AWS cloud. In addition to digitalization of payments, we have our hands dirty in projects related to the Industrial Internet and retail commerce. Read more about our cases here.

VISION We code the best customer experience. | WE SOLVE THINGS.

MISSION We create lasting and innovative solutions, which we and our clients can take pride on. | WE BUILD THINGS.


Freedom & Responsibility - Our employees are trusted completely. Everyone can organize their own work so that it fits their life situation. We trust that the work gets done by giving people responsibility.

Evolving organization - We aim to develop our company and employees. We organize hackathons and workshops, and provide ample self-development possibilities.

Professionality - Our work is pure quality and our customers are valued in our daily actions.

Wellbeing - Employees are taken care of both physically and mentally. This covers team activities both during working hours and freetime, massage possibility, monetary support for sports or cultural activities, and yearly trip abroad (just to name a few).

Honesty - Things are communicated honestly internally and externally.


Quotes from Poplatekcrew:

"In my project, I have been able to do very versatile tasks. Also, in our team everyone has a high possibility to influence on which areas they want to focus on. However, at times it is fun to jump to unknown and learn something new from a more enlightened colleague."

- Timo | Software Engineer

 "At Poplatek, I have been spinning up some machine learning models because I know statistics and data science, working on the backend of Poplatek’s brand new IoT platform because I know how to deal with large amounts of sensor data, and generally getting my hands dirty with AWS cloud architecture because that’s what I want to learn. It’s been an interesting journey of continuous discovery, of exploring strange new stacks, to seek out new data and algorithms. To boldly code what no one has coded before."

- Aleksi | Software Architect


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 Highlighted publications: 

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Poplatek is on a strategic mission to make the world cloud native. Check out our Careers pages hereJOIN OUR CREW! 


Our Tech Stack

Some of us strive to master the backend, some of us want to build the best frontends, and some just can’t make up their minds.

Technologies get chosen based on the needs of the project, preferences of the team, and requirements of the customer. If we started a new project right now, React and Node.js with a mixture of AWS services like Lambda, AppSync, DynamoDB, and Cognito would be the top choices for most of our developers. Our blog post opens up more what languages our crew uses.

DevOps lives strong in our culture. We utilize Infrastructure as Code and proudly take responsibility of the whole production pipeline. Typically we use Cloudformation, Terraform or Serverless Framework for cloud deployments.

Poplatek is an official AWS Partner Network (APN) Partner, so AWS is in the core of our operations. We also appreciate experience from other cloud platforms, and run some of our projects in Google cloud.


Job Openings

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Poplatek - Espoo, Finland
€55k - 75k | Equity On-site and limited remote
High response rate

High response rate

This company responds to the majority of applications it receives.





Agile Software Development, DevOps, IT Consulting


11–50 employees







Company Benefits

  1. Experienced cloud, security, and payment specialists as co-workers
  2. Flexible working hours
  3. Work with latest technologies
  4. Freetime activities with great people
  5. Own hackathons and trainings
  6. Budget and time for training the areas you're interested in
  7. Free medical services and comprehensive insurance
  8. Monthly wellbeing support
  9. Ability to affect and develop the company
  10. Relaxed working environment