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Primotus, LLC

Primotus is developing a unique Enterprise scale, no/low code configurable mobile workflow platform using Business Process Management (BPM).

Our Tech Stack Includes Latest Scalable Technologies


  • Angular 6, TypeScript, Ionic Mobile, React, Redux
  • CSS3, Bootstrap
  • PWA (Progressive Web Apps)


  • BPMN (Java), DMN (Java)
  • Scala/Akka, Play Framework, Slick
  • Web Sockets
  • Kafka (event-based processing)
  • Postgres, ElasticSearch
  • Restful API


  • Jenkins
  • Webpack
  • GIT, GitHub
  • AWS

Job Openings

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Company Website Business Process Optmization, Enterprise Software, Mobile Development 11-50 people Founded 2018 Private

Office Locations

Company Benefits

  1. Flex Hours
  2. Remote Work
  3. Benefits including Health, Dental, 401K
  4. Paired Development
  5. Cross Training