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Who We Are

Propelware is a small, startup sized software company in Minnesota.  We make small business integration software, primarily for use in the QuickBooks ecosystem.  We're recognized experts in the Intuit world, and a leading provider of integration service to small and large businesses alike.  

What You Should Know

As a small company, Propelware prides itself on being nimble, practical, and fast.  What we lack in deep R&D budgets and big teams, we make up with speed, creativity and hard work.  Because we use basic Agile development methodologies, we can "iterate" and "pivot" (and many other cool buzzwords) fast.  This also helps us stay directly connected with customers, and do what's best for them.  No committee meetings, no fancy documentation, no manager approvals.  We listen, debate, then act.  So, we're on the lookout for smart, focused programmers that like to talk to customers for feedback and build solutions that will, you know, get used.  

Technologies used in our core product

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Company Benefits

  1. Flexible work environment
  2. Smart, friendly team
  3. You're expected to take vacations
  4. Fast growth
  5. Health insurance
  6. Retirement plan