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We shape the future of e-commerce. Join us on our mission to connect a tech start-up with the prominence and reach of a major retail company

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...and we want to reach the top! In just a few years, we have made the transition from a small start-up company to one of Germany's largest e-commerce platforms. is one of the largest German online stores, and we want to continue to grow. We want to shape the future of e-commerce! We are not afraid of any obstacles or challenges. Our belief is that anything can be done with great ideas and hard work as the foundation for every decision, every plan and every project!

All employees are characterised by commitment, collaboration, drive, integrity and a passion for customers. offers all its employees freedom for innovation and personal responsibility in a great place to work and grow.

Our Tech-Stack

As a tech company, we shape the future of e-commerce. Join us on our mission to connect a technology start-up with the prominence and reach of a major retail company.

We are currently a development team consisting of more than 150 experts from different areas and different nations. Whether junior or senior, bachelor graduate or doctor, physicist or computer scientist: everyone gets the chance to contribute and to prove themselves. Our self-contained teams of 7-10 people are capable of action with full responsibility for their product, giving them enough freedom to achieve big goals together.


Cologne and Darmstadt: Our Online Shop

Building solutions at scale – the operation of one of the largest online marketplaces in Germany with more than 5,000 retail stores challenges us every day. Up to 70 million price component changes per day, internal logistics systems and complex business processes will definitely boost your learning curve. On top of it, we place very high demands on our software: Speed, reliability, usability and flexibility are the alpha and omega for us. We avoid treading water at all cost and instead watch our baby grow constantly.

Visit our Domains in Cologne
Our teams are cross-functional by design and include experts from the fields of engineering, product management, data science and UX/UI on a horizontal plane. As a tech-driven company, we focus our energy on developing the best products and enhancing the shopping experience of our customers. Our vertical domains are therefore closely tied to the product: Due to our diversified specialisation in the areas of Marketing Technology, After-Sales, Checkout & Accounting, Logistics and Product Discovery, we are able to tackle new challenges quickly and flexibly. But that’s not all. We also use the latest AI and design trends to provide our customers with the best possible products. The domains DevOps and Data Engineering act as internal service providers.

Our marketing team lays the foundations for efficient marketing measures, constantly facing the challenge of vast amounts of data. 70 million records are exported daily and 50 million page views are tracked as people browse our website. Speed is particularly important to us, not only at work, but even more importantly in our online shop. To ensure that it loads lightning fast, we put great emphasis on constant performance improvement. Our day-to-day work also includes automation of business reports, detailed real-time monitoring and export data streams for price comparisons. Our daily routine also includes close cooperation with agencies and companies such as Google and Facebook.

After Sales
Our after-sales team is a colourful bunch: between all of us, we have studied industrial engineering, mathematics, computer science and teaching and we are working in close cooperation with customer service to enhance technical developments in this division. Endowed with great procedural and technical liberties, we implement new high-quality features in two-week sprints that directly benefit our colleagues from the customer service department. Among other things, we use Vue.js, PHP, Python, Kibana, Balsamiq, and Sketch. For example, we developed an event-based automation engine that greatly simplified the manual workflow in customer service. In the near future, Machine Learning will classify incoming inquiries and provide the customer directly with solution options. The impact of each feature is monumental and motivates us to get better and better.

Checkout & Accounting
Our checkout & accounting team is responsible for the entire checkout process from shopping cart to payment as well as reversing the transaction in case of cancellation. We design the payment process for the customer, control a wide array of payment provider connections, take care of invoice generation and payment reporting, and supervise the technical side of coupon processing – always taking legal aspects into account as well. In addition to attention to detail and a passion for really detailed testing, our tasks require above all a precise and thorough approach to working. In order to guarantee a stable system, it is extremely important for us to identify significant events and react promptly to changes in the measured values. For monitoring, we therefore use InfluxDB and Grafana.

Our logistics team handles all technologies and tools related to logistics, merchandise management, inventory and fulfilment. Our logistics and merchandise management is basically a small marketplace behind the real.demarketplace. This is where article lists are processed by suppliers, pricing is determined, orders are managed and invoices are triggered. The system facilitates a smooth process for approximately 500 vendors and 600,000 items. Our daily business in the marketplace includes real-time pricing and inventory updates for the 23 million items offered by our vendors, as well as shipping and processing of returns. Not only do we keep an eye on our system, but we also work across multiple platforms with price comparison portals such as Idealo and Google Shopping. The most exciting part of our work is the immense volume of data and the associated challenge of making processes sustainable and scalable: Around 20,000 files, 60 million lines, 5 million API requests and more than 300,000 daily tracking requests to parcel service providers keep us constantly on our toes.

Product Discovery
Our product discovery team loves huge amounts of data: Based on 25 million products and countless transactional data, we deliver reports, forecasts, and KPIs to our marketing, product data management, and customer service departments. Technology-driven optimisation of our shop logistic is the main focus of our work. For example, in order to offer our customers an all-round satisfactory shopping experience, we develop intelligent automation and control product recommendations. For optimal results, we rely on data science, UX optimisation and state-of-the-art technologies. Among other tools, we use PHP, Python, TensorFlow, NoSQL databases, and Docker.

UX und UI
Our design team is one hundred per cent integrated into the tech team but is also very self-sufficient at the same time. We are passionate about innovative ideas and enjoy experimenting with a variety of styles to produce everything from wireframes to designs and front-end codes. In close cooperation with the various domains, we advise our colleagues on usability issues and participate directly in creative, diverse projects for the design of the online and grocery shop. The habits, emotions and needs of our users are always the main focus here: our goal is to provide a unique user experience and great layouts, which inspires us to work at peak performance every day. Tools like the complete Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Sketch, InVision, PHPStorm, and Atlassian stack help us with our tasks.

Data Science
Our data science team is an internal horizontal service provider that uses data to drive the expansion of our marketplace. With our passion for data-driven algorithms and statistical forecasting models, we identify patterns, clusters, and relationships to develop intelligent services and automation for the business units: We optimise the workflow in customer service using Natural Language Processing, and we use our attribute extractor tool to identify additional attributes of our products. We also use a variant service tool to automatically assign our products to the appropriate variant group. The heart of our AI applications is Machine Learning: We use supervised and unsupervised learning to advance technical developments.

Data Engineering
Our data engineering team is the hub where all data coalesces and gets stored, processed and made available again. We keep an eye on the big picture and are networked with all stakeholders, from our tech departments to the various business units and end users. We use data to increase customer benefits and optimise our marketplace. We consider ourselves to be an internal data service provider and act as the main interface between data producers and consumers. Managing our own infrastructure ensures that we have the necessary agility to develop innovative data-driven applications. We put pioneering work and groundbreaking ideas into practice with cutting-edge technologies such as Hadoop Stack and Kafka.

Our Infrastructure team is essential to ensure a stable, predictable and secure IT service. We make sure that all processes run smoothly 24/7. We face a variety of growth-related challenges: The traffic on our website is rapidly increasing, and consequently our entire tech team and our microservices are constantly growing, requiring us to constantly add more servers and occupy larger spaces. Our unique corporate culture is the key to successfully completing our work. We work closely with our international teams to discuss efficient infrastructure solutions, make very fast decisions and provide the platform for daily releases. So, not only are we responsible to generate a great competitive advantage, but we also enjoy the complex work.


Meet our Tech Hub in Darmstadt

Our location in Darmstadt supplements our tech team in Cologne. The new hub is an important milestone in our growth strategy. We want to take the marketplace to the next level and benefit from the technological ecosystem in the immediate vicinity of the university. The dynamic environment with a start-up mentality without superfluous bureaucracy offers ideal conditions to get started with our growing team.

Seller Tools
Our seller tools team has one vision: deliver great selling experience to independent vendors, allowing them to grow their businesses through our marketplace. We develop solutions that aggregate all shop features in one place so that these sellers can easily manage their inventory, sales, ratings, performance, collaborators, and much more. Besides, we simplify the process for new sellers to seamlessly join the marketplace and abide to legal requirements. In close cooperation with marketplace support business area, our team of international and research oriented talents is always eager to provide innovative technical solutions, building right and fast while caring for one of our most valuable customers: the sellers themselves. Our tech stack is wide, passing through PHP, Vue.js, Golang, and others, and we embrace the adventures of trying new and exciting developments in the software industry.

Internal Tools
Our internal tools team provides other teams with development power for services and solutions which are horizontally needed. For example, company-wide, users need a centralised authorization/access management tool to support their products or to connect our corporate accounts to external tools such as Slack and JIRA. Furthermore, many teams need a safe and stable solution to send emails to customers or notifications to third-party applications. Our team caters for these demands, building cross domain solutions that aim to avoid repeated implementation of lateral concerns, and usually dealing with integrations with third-party systems. Being responsible for horizontal needs allows us to be creative, deal with many different systems and bring forth excellent solutions while enabling other teams to become faster, more effective, and also more creative.


Düsseldorf: Our E-Food Shop

E-Food – an innovative growth market with huge potential. Anyone who wants to use state-of-the-art technology to develop creative solutions for the online food shop should feel right at home at the Düsseldorf location. Based on the e-commerce solution SAP hybris, our offline-enabled Angular frontend and domain-specific microservices form our online food shop with its backend tools.

Learn about our domains in Düsseldorf

Our shop team is responsible for all areas and processes in which the customer interacts with the food shop. From product data import and product presentation including user-friendly search functions to order processing and payment, the shop team deals with everything that is needed for a convenient shopping experience.

The fulfilment team only gets involved after the order is placed in the system. Through the tools developed in this department, we support the processes in the individual stores to ensure that the order is complete and ready to be picked up or delivered at the desired time. The order picking is supported by artificial intelligence, which plans optimal routes and continuously adjusts them based on the incoming data. The integration of interfaces between our partners to automate processes is also the responsibility of the fulfilment team.

In order to roll out new functions as quickly as possible, we use a microservice approach. In this unique method, individual topics are viewed completely detached from the central platform and implemented by a multi-part architecture. This offers us the advantage of being able to quickly assess new issues and to make our online food shop even more easy to maintain.

Without a stable foundation, even the most beautiful building cannot last, and the same holds true for our online food shop. Built on a modern OpenStack infrastructure, the platform team provides a variety of settings for development, testing, and operations. Continuous integration and deployments several times a day are thus easily integrated into our everyday R&D.


Mönchengladbach: Our Agency

Content management, microservices and app development – at the Mönchengladbach location, we develop content pages and technical solutions for digital services such as eBon or Digital Loyalty via TYPO3. Moreover, as a microservices division we ensure that all our partners and colleagues are supplied with data through networking software solutions such as‘s Identity Management software or PAYBACK Integration.

Digitale Service
We develop eBon, Digital Loyalty, the My Family Programme and other digital services for our customers and users of Consequently, we ensure that our customers can experience everything has to offer with exciting and helpful applications.

App Development
We develop apps that make it easier for our customers to use on mobile devices. These applications function as a user-friendly alternative to the websites and ensure that customers can experience the world of real conveniently with the special capabilities of their mobile devices.

We develop various microservices and software applications that help our customers as well as our colleagues in Cologne and Düsseldorf to access data quickly, efficiently and securely. We manage the complete identity management of and thus ensure that our customers can register at the website and store and manage their data. With the advertising material control, we ensure that teasers are displayed appropriately, centrally and time-controlled on various content pages. By integrating PAYBACK into the ecosystem, customers can earn points through their purchases.

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E-Commerce, Information Technology, Marketplace


501–1k employees





Company Benefits

  1. Flexible working hours
  2. Be yourself - we like it casual
  3. real.flex: choose your tasks!
  4. Jobticket
  5. Free choice of hardware
  6. Brown bags
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  8. Holiday leave and a budget each year to attend relevant conferences
  9. A dynamic environment with a start-up mentality
  10. A broadly-based technology stack