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Company Cover Image is Germany’s fastest-growing marketplace with offices in Cologne and Darmstadt. With our online marketplace, we have set ourselves the goal of creating a 100% simple, affordable, secure and personal shopping and sales experience. We offer a comprehensive range of more than 25 million products from over 5,000 different categories. Up to 32 million visitors visit the web pages of our online marketplace every month and more than 7,000 traders use our platform. Our goal is to be the most popular marketplace in Germany, and to that end we are always on the lookout for more talent to help us along the way!

We combine a high quality standard, willingness to help and integrity as well as the eagerness to improve ourselves and the product every day. This only works if every team member feels comfortable.

Our Tech-Stack

Our Online Marketplace

Our tech and product team with 190 employees is responsible for creating the best-possible customer shopping experience for the marketplace – our digital product is one of the most successful marketplaces in Germany. We are here to inspire millions of customers, to help them find, purchase and get the things they love.

Our Teams & Areas
To enrich the lives of our customers, we collaborate in cross-functional teams, in which Product Managers, Product Designers, Frontend, Backend and Infrastructure Engineers, Data Scientists, Lean Managers, SEO Managers, BI- and Web Analysts join forces.

Product Areas

Explore & Discover

In the product area Explore & Discover we are responsible for the entire customer journey for the marketplace to just before the point at which a customer goes to their cart and checks out. At the beginning of the journey, this includes inbound traffic through channels like Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Idealo and Bing. For these channels we aggregate, format and export more than 10 million product data changes each day. Other customers directly or organically arrive at to be inspired by what they see and get recommended on the homepage or the category pages. Customers also search for products. Whatever our visitors are looking for in the marketplace, they’ll find what they love to buy from a selection of millions of products. On the product detail pages, customers evaluate all product properties as well as browse through product reviews. After they’ve received their product, they create new product reviews to help other customers to choose the right product for them. To make sure customers see up-to-date and relevant product data, we constantly work on improving its quality as well as the scalability of our AI-based product data system.

Order & Buy

In the product area Order & Buy we aim to accompany prospective customers through the buying process and to reassure them that it’s easy and safe to buy at We are responsible for the entire checkout process from shopping cart to payment as well as reversing the transaction in case of cancellation. Once the customers have shown a willingness to buy a product by adding it to the cart, we provide the customer with matching options for additional products and services. We continuously optimize the payment process for the customer, control a wide array of payment provider connections, take care of invoice generation, and supervise the technical side of coupon processing – always taking legal aspects into account as well. In order to guarantee a stable system, it is extremely important for us to monitor and identify significant events and react promptly to changes in the measured values. 

We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers. That’s why in the area Order & Buy, we are also responsible for offering the customers loyalty benefits and periodic special offers, e.g. targeted vouchers, to reward loyal customers.


The Seller Area is responsible for providing products and services to all of our third party Sellers on our marketplace. As a team, we are responsible for Seller Inventory, Seller Delivery and Seller Management, to provide the best journey for Sellers; from onboarding, to setting up inventory and offers, managing orders, deliveries, returns and Seller support, our focus is to enable Sellers to onboard easily and sell great products. 

We also cooperate with third parties like carriers and software partners in order to provide an easy and reliable experience managing the whole selling experience, including shipment tracking and returns. We improve the performance and user experience of our Sellers, in order to provide the best offers, product quality and assortment to our customers in the marketplace.

Direct Sales

As a more process-focused product area, we as the area Direct Sales are responsible for the full operational experience for the seller Kaufland. We want to be a benchmark and a quality statement on the marketplace offering the lowest price, the best product quality, and the most reliable delivery experience. We want the customers to prefer buying products on the marketplace from Direct Sales. 

With our Enterprise Resource Planning System, we enable Direct Sales to perform and scale. This includes the whole lifecycle starting with the integration of suppliers, the procurement of items for our warehouses, calculating interesting and competitive offers, shipping out parcels towards the customer, and accounting for our suppliers.

After Sales

We accompany the customer on their entire after sales journey making sure they receive all necessary information at any time on the purchase. This includes invoice details, return options, and much more. In case of a problem, we help the customer. To do so we provide an account area, a help center with personalized FAQs, and contact to the customer service. With routing and prioritization algorithms, we make sure that the contact is frictionless and fast.

Data & Dev Tools

Our Data & Dev Tools Area is responsible for designing, building and operating the various platforms that are used internally by our other areas. Both traffic and team sizes are constantly growing, and we’re experienced in scaling our systems and structures to meet those ever evolving needs. Our area consists of members from all around the world having experience in both development and operations. We focus on creating scalable and maintainable solutions that utilize industry best practices and bleeding edge technology to stay ahead of our competition. Situations that require cross-functional expertise and long-term thinking are our strength – we thrive in challenges that require both precise engineering and creativity. Through combining product development, software development and operational experience, the platforms we build enable all our colleagues to develop and operate their products faster, easier and more reliably.



Product Manager

Our first priority is creating customer value. When you have a great product that customers love, everything else will follow. We strive to apply state of the art product practices always aiming to delight our customers and benefit our business. We are not satisfied with just “good enough” and try to improve our craft on a daily basis. There are a myriad of frameworks and methods, but what we care about is that our team delivers the best possible economical outcome! We define the vision and strategy for our product in alignment with the company goals. We use objectives and key results instead of roadmaps since we want to make every decision based on the most recent information. Very often it is not known in advance which ideas will actually work. Therefore we run quantitative analysis of our customer behaviour, test prototypes in the UX lab or run A/B tests before we finally build and rollout new features. The most important tools that we use are: Optimizely, Contentsquare, Speedcurve, Tableau, BigQuery, our own UX lab, Google Analytics 360, Confluence and Jira.

Product Designer / UX Researcher

Product Designers and UX Researchers are working together with our cross-functional product teams across the entire customer journey. Product Designers work alongside the Product Managers and Engineers to solve problems and build products our customers love. We are passionate about innovative ideas and embrace an agile and customer- and data-centric way of working. Rapidly building, testing and iterating on prototypes is one of the most important responsibilities of a Product Designer, utilizing product discovery techniques like usability labs and A/B tests. The needs and journey of the customer are the main focus here, but also the respective business impact, measured in metrics. The Product Designer also takes care of our pattern library, defining new patterns and further developing existing patterns to deliver a consistent user experience across the full marketplace. Tools like Figma and Miro help us with our tasks. 

The UX Researcher supports product teams during the planning, execution and analysis process of user research activities at the different stages of the product development process - problem understanding, solution validation or end-to-end. Our UX Researchers have profound experience applying different research methodologies such as qualitative interviews, online surveys, usability tests, card sorting or contextual studies.

Frontend Engineers

In the last couple of years, development inside frontend departments has changed drastically, also here at kaufland e-commerce. Our horizontal is not just responsible for every visible object in our shop but is also involved even before the coding starts. This includes working on drafts with our UX Researchers, collecting data for evaluation with the product team, thinking about useful tracking and testing approaches with our SEO team, collaborating tightly together with our backend horizontal to clarify APIs and more. Of course we develop and administer our micro frontends, which are written in Vue.js. Besides that we are constantly working on our pattern library to ensure consistency on our platform. We are operating with a mobile first approach and take care of all cross-browser problems. We love to create the best user experience for our customer and keep code clean and easy to read. Our tech stack includes SCSS, BEM, Webpack, Docker, GraphQL, Vue.js, Typescript, Nuxt and much more.

Backend Engineers

Backend engineers are responsible for the backbone of our products – business logic and processes, data and integration with other products and partners. Every day we face challenges. But we are glad to have the possibility to learn how to develop our systems and write our code in a way so our products can handle the constantly increasing traffic while remaining open for any kind of new innovative product idea. As a part of cross-functional teams we actively participate in the product discovery phase to generate ideas, propose innovations through new technology, or to estimate the technical feasibility of any idea before it is implemented. To keep our systems future-proof we invest time in developing our architecture and migrate our older systems towards microservices. We apply a wide range of technologies to choose the best possible solution for our products: PHP, Python, MySQL, MongoDb, Redis, RabbitMq, Kafka, Docker, AWS, Google Cloud.

Data Scientists

Data Scientists work on improving our shop and processes with well-designed automated machine learning solutions. We analyse our data and processes to find possibilities to enhance the customer’s shopping experience through recommendations and the enrichment of our product data. Furthermore, we help to support the business departments with demand forecasting, automated sorting of customer claims and item categorization. Our Data Scientists explore our data, train models and deploy their developed services themselves, thus requiring experience not only in Data Science but also Software Engineering. Challenging current features and solutions, we constantly work on finding better ways and easier approaches to raise the quality of our products and data. We employ a variety of tools and Frameworks for these tasks: Python, BigQuery, MySQL, MongoDb, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, sklearn, OpenCV, statsmodels, tensorflow, rasa, spacy.

Lean Managers

Lean Managers are the organizational engine of our product areas. We are outcome driven enablers and role models for our teams, areas and the entire tech & product department. You can imagine us to be a mix of project managers, scrum masters and agile coaches. We optimize organizational flows within our area and we make sure that we are applying lean methodologies wherever possible. We remove all kinds of impediments and roadblockers along product discovery and delivery to achieve operational excellence in our teams. Therefore, we have a deep understanding of lean, agile and project management methods and foster a general culture of improvement. We also make sure that our teams are aware of all dependencies, deliverables and roadmaps and communicate accordingly in order to establish and maintain transparency with stakeholders. Continuous improvement is our goal.

BI Analyst/Web Analyst

The analysts in the Business Intelligence and Web Analytics Team have a common goal: We collect, analyse and model data to improve business performance and reduce the time to insight. Furthermore, we foster a culture that empowers all employees to actively use data to enhance their daily work and to fully utilize their potential by making decisions more successful, initiatives more effective and competitive advantages more striking.

As the organisation becomes even more data-savvy and business questions get more specific, we need a family of tools to enable users to perform their own analysis, exploration and visualization. For this purpose we employ BigQuery, Contentsquare, Google Analytics, Optimizely, Python, Tableau and others.

Infrastructure Engineers/Site Reliability Engineers

The Infrastructure and Site Reliability Engineers work together to provide a highly scalable Cloud Platform and the tools and services needed to onboard their various services with ease. While our Infrastructure Engineers focus on building and maintaining our Container Orchestration Platforms, Relational and NoSQL Database clusters, CICD pipelines and Developer Tools, the Site Reliability Engineers help with migration efforts and support teams in defining their Service Level Objectives by providing the tools to make success metrics visible. In tandem, their efforts make sure that the company sustains through times of continuous growth.

SEO Manager

The SEO Team at has two major goals - we aim for attracting customers and lead them into our shop by using state of the art approaches in terms of content and technology. Our vision is to make the best products and their matching information available during every step of the people search. As a marketing channel in the tech & product department, we work closely with the product teams in order to help design a product that our customers love and that answers according to their search intentions. With our own tool set and the data we derive to enable steady growth.

UX Writer

We create a modern and enjoyable shopping-experience with easy and pleasant wording. Copy guides the user and communicates the personality of the brand. Our vision is to make things joyful, understandable and approachable for all our users. We do this by aligning and collaborating across roles and the business — providing a consistent experience from the moment they land, to any point when they have a problem. We work closely with design, research and analytics to keep the user at the center of what we do, and measure the impact of changes that we make. We proactively look for the right moments in the customer experience to add value — increasing conversion in our product, enabling self-service, or improving our advertising shortcopy.

Job Openings

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Site Reliability Engineer (f/m/d) Köln, Deutschland

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Senior Software Engineer (f/m/d) Darmstadt, Deutschland

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Senior PHP Engineer (f/m/d) Köln, Deutschland

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Senior Frontend Engineer (f/m/d) Köln, Deutschland

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Security Engineer (f/m/d) Köln, Deutschland

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Search Engineer (Elasticsearch) (f/m/d) No office location

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Data Engineer (f/m/d) No office location

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(Senior) Data Scientist (f/m/d) Köln, Deutschland

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Company Benefits

  1. Be yourself - we like it casual
  2. real.flex: choose your tasks!
  3. Jobticket
  4. Free choice of hardware
  5. Brown bags
  6. Team events
  7. Holiday leave and a budget each year to attend relevant conferences
  8. A dynamic environment with a start-up mentality
  9. A broadly-based technology stack
  10. The possibility to work mobile in agreement with your manager