Real ID

Comprehensive Background Screening Services
  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2005

Background Checks

Tenant Screening:

Real ID provides all of the necessary background screening reports, to property management groups, to assist in mitigating rental risk. Real ID has uniquely catered its solution to serve its clients that represent portfolios ranging from 100 units to 40,000 units, in multiple states.

Employment Screening:

From Criminal Background Checks to Motor Vehicle Records and Drug Screening, our clients continue to rely on the premier data we provide on their candidates.

New Projects

We're always developing and continuously seeking new talent!

Our upcoming projects include:

  • Payment Processing Application
  • Patent Pending MultiQualify
  • Multiple APIs

We have great benefits

Competitive Salary

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Paid Vacation & Holiday

Casual Dress

Medical & Dental Allowances

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