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  • Founded 2010

Engineering - The "Right"ster Way


/* RightsterRecruitmentUnitTest.scala */
feature("Recruit awesome new candidates") {
  scenario("Hang out on stack overflow and try to look cool") {
    Given("A candidate on stackoverflow")
      val candidate = new Candidate(sawUsOn="stackoverflow")
    When("candidate wants to work for us")
    Then("candidate should have Rightster qualities")
      candidate.likesToCode should equal (true)
      candidate.isAHobbyist should equal (true)
      candidate.isCommitted should equal (true)
      candidate.likesLearningNewThings should equal (true)
      candidate.wantsToHaveFunDoingAbove should equal (true)
    And("beautiful partnership can be created")
       candidate.startHappiness() // :-)

How Do We Do IT

Rightster Engineering includes web development, big data & analytics, DevOps, video players, and back-end web services. Our engineers deliver world class Live, Video on Demand (VoD) and content monetisation services that drive Rightster’s ongoing growth.

How we work

We are an agile software development team and are committed to continuous improvement. We run daily stand-ups, encourage pair programming & collaboration, run end of sprint demos and retrospectives. We pay more than just lip-service to the word “agile”.

We work closely with our User Experience & Design and Product Management teams to guarantee the flow of quality requirements into the development pipeline.

It’s all about quality at Rightster. Our QA, Big Data, DevOps, Web Development, Video Player and Core Platform engineers are rockstar software developers and are involved in the end-to-end development lifecycle from requirements gathering through to deployment.

We run a strict test oriented development process. Code reviews and continuous integration guarantee that nothing less than high quality code is accepted.

Our DevOps engineers work within the team and bridge the gap between operations and development.

Everybody has a voice and we actively encourage innovation. We run geek-out sessions allow engineers to showcase their projects or achievements to their peers.

We are not afraid to evolve our tech stack for the right reasons. Our engineers have the freedom to identify and adopt exciting and cutting edge technologies as needed.

Most importantly our engineers understand that being a rockstar means writing code that others can easily follow.

Joel Test score: 12 out of 12

The Joel Test is a twelve-question measure of the quality of a software team.

Do you use source control?
Can you make a build in one step?
Do you make daily builds?
Do you have a bug database?
Do you fix bugs before writing new code?
Do you have an up-to-date schedule?
Do you have a spec?
Do programmers have quiet working conditions?
Do you use the best tools money can buy?
Do you have testers?
Do new candidates write code during their interview?
Do you do hallway usability testing?

The Environment & Culture

Rightster has an innovative, fast-moving, young, fresh and forward thinking culture, superb product, great office environment and a collaborative working style against a backdrop of high growth.

We work in fast-paced and dynamic environment in which we are constantly challenged by both the business and each other. Hard work and success are recognised through fast progression and advancement.

Rightster has a culture of possibilities and is full of talented, fun and social people. There is an active social scene at Rightster; 5-a-side football, rock climbing and regular social events.

So you will be joining super-smart people, who can drive change and have a real passion for what they do in our amazing new Covent Garden offices.

You are a superstar engineer and love a constant challenge. We want you to be part of the next chapter of Rightster’s success.


Our Tech Stack + Team

Carl - Software Engineer:

“Hi my name is Carl, I'm the Technical Lead for Core Platform at Rightster. Responsible for the core database, search and APIs that are used in the 2GA system. My team is mainly based in London, but we have developers based in India as well that work with us. Communication not as hard as people think from the outside, and is mainly done via Skype and google hangouts with the occasional flight to work in the same room.

Working at Rightster is completely different to the large corporations I've worked for in the past because everyone has a voice and every idea is considered, but at the same time there are all the familiar comforts that I've become used to in a good development process. Good software development practices such as TDD, code review and agile are in use here.

The code base is large, but it's relatively light on technical debt. We have evolving requirements at the moment because we're still pre-release on the 2GA code, which gives us a lot of scope to pick and choose our software and solutions in a truly agile way. 2 good examples of this are our change in direction for caching; where we dropped memcached and swapped to redis, or search; where we built the first version in SOLR and then changed to elasticSearch when we found SOLR would not serve the changes in requirements.

We've recently moved to new offices here at Rightster to the heart of Covent Garden, which adds to the atmosphere here. We've got a massive kitchen / area to eat lunch and we've got a break out room, complete with TV and consoles. We often have a fully stocked beer fridge on a Friday to help us unwind before the weekend.

That said we don't work stupid hours and if we do it's because we've lost ourselves in the code, we also have the options to work remotely when we need to.

In all Rightster is a great place to work and wish I'd started here sooner.”

Henri - Software Engineer:

My name is Henri, i’m the Technical Lead for Content Services at Rightster. Our development team, based primarily in our new Covent Garden offices, is working on an ambitious greenfield replacement for our existing platform.

My team’s focus is handling the media that flows into and out of our system from thousands of endpoints each day and integrating with other services that connect to our Core Platform. At the moment these other services include large-scale file transcoding solutions, creating our own distributed orchestration/workflow service for long running processes, content protection and advertising services with many more planned.

These services are part of a heavily validated architectural model that makes them easy to switch out and promotes avoidance of one huge, monolithic code base - a real blessing based on the systems i’ve seen in previous jobs.

Rightster is easily the best development environment i’ve worked in. We run with a dynamic, experienced team that has excellent practices: TDD, SCRUM that we continuously refine to make work for us as efficiently as possible and a strong belief in using the right tool for the right job. I love honing my development skills and Rightster has helped nurture that, we’re primarily using PHP in our Core Platform but there are an increasing amount of Scala components being created to help us leverage increased speed and parallelism where it really matters.

Along with our techops team, who look after server management and deployments, we continually refine the technologies we employ to provide the best in speed, redundancy, resilience and of course development environment and there’s a chance for new starters to be involved in building and shaping all of this in the future.

We’re committed to making our new platform the best it can be, which is why we’re looking for great people to work with us, after joining Rightster just 4 months ago I certainly haven’t looked back for a second.

James - Data Scientist

My name is James, and I lead the Data Science team at Rightster. I am Rightster's first Data Scientist and I joined to take advantage of the huge amounts of behavioural and demographic data that comes through our Platform. My background is in quantitative finance, and I have a passion for deriving insights from large datasets.

My academic training was in Physics, at Cambridge University and UCL.

The working environment at Rightster is fantastic with trust invested in people to take the initiative and do what they think is best. It is a fast paced environment, both supportive and exhilarating.


We have great benefits

Subsidized Gym Membership

Great Bonus Scheme

AIM Listed - Stock Package

Full Pru-Health Plan

Beer Fridge (and free fruit)

Mac/PC - You Decide

Wellness Director - Personal Trainer

Yoga/Fitness - Onsite Gym

Childcare Vouchers

Covent Garden Location


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