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Roch Systems

Intelligent web, mobile and cloud development

What we are really thinking about...

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Everyone talks about 'working hard.' Every company touts their work ethic. But what does that mean, anyway? Hard work is different for every one. And frankly, we don't care if you 'work hard' -- we want you to work on what you're passionate about. What is it that makes you want to contribute to a team, and have fun doing it? If you love to design and write intelligent code, this might be the place for you. What matters to us is if it's a good fit. If you love what you do when you're here, we'll both get the best out of the relationship.

Because, hey. We're all lazy, when it comes down to it, and we want to get back to spending time with our loved ones. (We do, too.)

What we’re looking for

  • Folks who are easy to work with: we're not interested in solo artists, divas, know-it-alls, or assholes. We also tend to get on well with folks that do not identify with the words "ninja", "pirate", "rock star", or (especially) "brogrammer".
  • Great communicators.
  • People who are really passionate about what they are doing.
  • Pleasant people, and good conversationalists - we'll be spending the next few years together after all.
  • Folks with an interest in the whole company, not just their job. Our transparent culture allows everyone to take a holistic view of the company. As a result, we really like people who enjoy getting familiar with the whole business, customers, product, culture, selling, etc.

Our tech stack - We are keeping it simple!


We have an asynchronous culture that is well suited to remote-working. We use Slack, skype, Google Hangouts and email heavily, and we all work remotely.



Cloud Services, Enterprise Web Solutions, Software Development


11–50 employees






Company Benefits

  1. Work from any location
  2. Choose when you want to show up for work
  3. Compettitive compensation
  4. Virtual pijama parties every day if you're into that kinda thing!