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S&P Global

1 week ago

We are thrilled to announce that Dan Bennett, Head of Technology and Data, is our keynote speaker at the Perspektywk Women in Tech Summit on June 12th. Don't miss his insightful talk on "Gen AI is here, how do we use it responsibly?" There is still time to register. We hope to see you there!

S&P Global

2 weeks ago

We are proud to be recognized at BTOES. With AI functionalities, our teams improved data processing performance, achieving a 21% leap in efficiency and saving over 120,000 hours in General Fundamentals collection. This added efficiency saved nearly 200,000 hours across all collection processes.

S&P Global

5 weeks ago

Come learn new skills and expand your opportunities. Join our team as a Service Delivery Manager in Raleigh, NC.

S&P Global

6 weeks ago

Come work where your curiosity can create progress in the world. Join us in the USA or Canada, where our GenAI team needs bold thinkers to help shape a better future for us all.

S&P Global

9 weeks ago

As part of our culture, we love to celebrate and recognize milestones. We always look to elevate our people, and they can feel the difference, because investing in our future starts with investing in you. Looking for your next opportunity? Check out

With over 70 offices in 35 countries, where will your passion take you?

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At S&P Global we focus on Powering Global Markets. Throughout our history, the world's leading organizations have relied on us for the Essential Intelligence they need to make confident decisions about the road ahead. Finding new ways to measure sustainability. Analyzing energy transition across the supply chain. Building workflow solutions that make it easy to tap into insight and apply it. We are changing the way people see things and empowering them to make an impact on the world we live in. We’re committed to a more equitable future and to helping our customers find new, sustainable ways of doing business. We’re constantly seeking new solutions that have progress in mind.

We're more than 35,000 strong worldwide—so we're able to understand nuances while having a broad perspective. Our team is driven by curiosity and a shared belief that Essential Intelligence can help build a more prosperous future for us all. 

Our Divisions:

-S&P Global Market Intelligence partners with customers to broaden their perspective and operate with confidence by bringing them leading data sources and technologies that embed insight in their daily work.

-S&P Global Ratings offers critical insights for credit, risk and sustainable finance solutions that are essential to translating complexity into clarity, so market participants can uncover opportunities.

-S&P Global Commodity Insights enables organizations to create long-term, sustainable value with data and insights for a complete view on the global energy and commodities markets.

-S&P Global Mobility turns invaluable insights captured from automotive data to help our clients understand today’s market, reach more customers, and shape the future of automotive mobility.

-S&P Dow Jones Indices provides iconic and innovative index solutions, bringing transparency to global capital markets.

S&P Global Capabilities

S&P Global Careers

Progress you make here makes impact everywhere.

At S&P Global, we view technology as more than just a tool; it's the backbone of our seamless operations, functioning as a reliable utility, while also driving our vision, powering global markets. Our Digital Solutions team, led by Chief Digital Solutions Officer Swamy Kocherlakota, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. We are not only ensuring a dynamic and customer-centric ecosystem through continuous innovation, but we are also leading the charge in integrating and advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Kensho, an in-house AI innovator and catalyst. By leveraging AI, we are enhancing efficiency, unlocking new opportunities, and setting the standard for innovation in the industry. These efforts are integral to our commitment at S&P Global to provide Essential Intelligence that helps our customers make decisions with conviction. 

Key to our innovation is our EssentialTECH and Essential Innovation (ET&I) team, which has empowered over 39,000 employees with foundational technology knowledge, resulting in increased career opportunities and a 27% increase in perceived knowledge growth opportunities. Their initiatives, including the SPARK Summit, have fostered an innovative culture at S&P Global. 





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S&P Global


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Company Benefits

  1. Reproductive Wellness
  2. Family Leave- Our parental leave offers 26 weeks of paid leave
  3. Education Support and Matching Student Loan Support
  4. PTO: No prescribed maximum amount of time off
  5. Flexible Work Arrangements
  6. 401k
  7. Career Coaching
  8. Phased Retirement
  9. Give Back Days- 5 days off a year to give back
  10. Wellbeing Support Program