Get shit done with smart, thoughtful people we like, trust, and respect.

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Our Team...How We Roll

  • The team is made of folks who seem to enjoy bouncing in and out of different projects of different sizes with varying engineering challenges associated with them. 

  • Our designers are highly technical and our engineers are very invested in the visual fidelity of their work - so some of the lines that typically divide UI/UX and engineering cultures don't really exist here. 

  • At any one given time we'll have folks on longer term missions (ie - 6 to 8 month long-term projects where we're in more of a product development posture) and people on shorter term campaign-based work where we're trying to explode a firecracker in the sky, measure how far and bright it travels, and then move onto to the next one. 

  • We try to keep plates of work varied and diversified.  

  • Everyone is a grownup. 


Our Tech Stack

  • We keep it lean and mean.
  • We're never afraid to try something new but we'll always seek to deploy the tools that are proven to work.
  • We avoid technical debt like 5th graders avoid algebra.

Company Website Digital Agency, Digital Marketing, Product Development 11-50 people Founded 2004 Private


Company Benefits

  1. Remote work friendly environment.
  2. Full health benefits package.
  3. Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Los Angeles office locations.
  4. Shithead eco-flush system ensuring shitheadless working environment.
  5. Family owned and operated.