Scratch Financial Inc.

Our goal is to help more pets get the medical care they need. We provide smart and simple payment solutions to pet families.

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A growing team that's consolidating the foundations of an upcoming giant

An look into our culture   We care about the human aspect of work and we expect others to. Excellence is also an important keyword @ Scratchpay. While everyone makes mistakes, we learn from them. We are conscious about efficiency and effectiveness in the positive way. We don't do things that bring low-to-no value short or long term. We also do hard things that bring a lot of value. Quality, attention to detail and respect are some of the traits you must have and expect others to have.   Part of our team is in Pasadena, California, the rest is remote. We are looking at growing both sides.   The good  

  • We are a team of dedicated, hard working, friendly individuals
  • We move fast, sometimes break things with measure, we give a second chance
  • We give constructive feedback, we challenge each other
  • We are open-minded and we care for each other
  • Everyone is striving towards excellence. Mediocrity isn't our cup of tea. But we always work hard to help those that are willing to get there!
  The bad  
  • Everything goes fast and the ultimate goal is to move the business fast. There can be disconnects in the communication at times. We all need to navigate through this and push whenever it is critical to do so.
  • We are open-minded but things need to be moving forward.
  • We say what we have to. So expect to hear some unpleasant - but true - things sometimes. Don't hesitate to argue back - with respect - if you disagree.
  • Like any startup, It can be a mess some days. You also will likely have to do things that aren't in your scope sometimes. Part of the fun, right? ;)

Our Tech Stack

Our tech stack is that of a modern startup. While we have work to do to bring it fully to where we want it to be, it's flexible, versatile, powerful and exciting. Our architecture is domain-driven, we leverage tools whenever we can and integrate with very powerful APIs to accomplish our mission. We are building an ecosystem that will scale!

Job Openings

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Scratch Financial Inc. - No office location
$40k - 60k | Equity Remote
Company Website Financial Services 11–50 people Founded 2016 VC Funded


Company Benefits

  1. Strong hardware
  2. Ample holidays
  3. Stock Options
  4. A really cool team