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1 week ago

Mark your calendars!📆 On Saturday, 20 April, we're flipping pancakes and offering job opportunities at SD Worx Mauritius! Join us for a unique walk-in interview where you can grab breakfast with our recruitment team while exploring exciting career paths. Interested?

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2 weeks ago

We're honoured to be part of TestCon 3, where our very own colleague Nadia Peerun will speak on her Journey from Manual to Automation Testing. Don't miss out! 🎤 #SDWorx #TestCon3 #QA #Automation #ProudSponsor

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4 weeks ago

On 2 March, we hosted the Frontend Meetup in our office. This is a testament to our dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration in the world of frontend development.👏

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6 weeks ago

We are pleased to reveal that in 2023, SD Worx revenues exceeded EUR 1 billion. Our employees & customers made it happen. Thanks for trusting our solutions & services.

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7 weeks ago

Join SD Worx as a Senior IT SMO Engineer and be part of a team shaping the future of technology. Apply now to embark on an exciting journey!


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About SD Worx's Tech Stack

SD Worx is a tech-rich company! A lot of technologies are used to build our own IP and integrations.

Of our +7000 employees, +2400 are technologically oriented profiles divided over our large organisation. Not only do we provide technical assistance to our clients and employees, we also focus on developing our own Intellectual Property assets: software our customers  and payroll consultants use every day! One of our success stories is mysdworx or have a look at our multi country core HR solution.

As we are a very international company, we also work across countries in what we call Transversal Tribes focusing on Platform & Integration, Core HR and Workforce management. But for those who prefer to work on local implementations, we do have our Domestic Tribes in Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Another important thing to note is that we value the growth of our employees, because if we want to grow our business, we must grow our people too. Therefore, we have created defined career paths to ensure everybody can develop themselves on their own timeline. Whether you want to continuously improve in your role, become a subject matter expert, train yourself horizontally or vertically or see yourself growing in a leadership position. All is possible through training, knowledge sharing, workshops, conferences and many more.

We also host our own annual SD Worx Internal Hackathon. A two-day event that allows our colleagues to collaborate on exciting projects that they believe have the potential to make a real impact. With a focus on creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving, our international teams will work together to develop prototypes of their ideas using the latest technologies.

Interested in finding out more - check our career website!


mysdworx - All your HR functionalities in one place

When it comes to managing human resources, many expect the same digital ease of use that they have in their private lives. mysdworx is the perfect tool for this. With one central access via web and mobile app, mysdworx supports you by taking the hassle out of your everyday HR processes with a single point of access.
HR professionals, team leads, and employees can consult and manage payslips, expenses and more in their own time, wherever they are.

As employee you can do the following:

  • View your digital payslip
  • Apply for your leave
  • Submit your expenses
  • Get access to partner products

Team leads have access to the same functionalities as employees. They can also approve leave requests and expenses immediately.

Learn more about mysdworx now.