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Open - Authentic - Visionary

shopware AG is one of the leading manufacturers of online shop systems in Europe. As an independent, equity-financed company, we develop high quality software on-site and work closely with our customers and partners in order to optimize our product.

The sophistication of our system lies in the ability to effortlessly support vibrant ecosystems. This can be seen in the involvement of our expanding Community, who see the value of openly sharing ideas and fostering creativity.

This expansive family is comprised of thousands of members, developers and more than 1,200. partners from all corners of the world. Without this foundation, Shopware would cease to be. Aside from contributing to the 3,500 plugins already in our Community Store, every day our invaluable Community lends their talent to the betterment of our open source product.

Join our family

 We’re looking for extra brain power in the following areas: 

Product Development

Our Product-Development team gets the satisfaction of making Shopware a little bit better every day. Not only will you have an impact on Shopware’s core, but you’ll also get to work on the development of new Premium Plugins.


SBP Team

The Shopware Business Platform is developed following an agile approach and is the internal management and control system for all of Shopware’s business processes.

Shopware Enterprise

Here we’re looking for a developer with a high standard of quality that’s passionate, interested in implementing solutions for the Enterprise segment and enjoys being the occasional contact for larger projects.

If doesn’t matter if you already have your heart set on one project or can’t yet decide which would be best for you. Here you’re among good development company and will be matched with a project team that best matches your strengths and interests!


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shopware AG - Schöppingen, Deutschland
Paid relocation
Company Website E-Commerce, Software Development / Engineering 51-200 people Founded 2000


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  1. Open source
  2. Global breakfast
  3. Lunch break + Fruit and drinks
  4. Flexible working hours
  5. Inspiring workplace
  6. Profit sharing
  7. Fitness studio
  8. Holiday and free time
  9. Performance-based pay
  10. Recreational areas