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Siemens AG

Innovations from Siemens that improve life. For business, for society and for each individual. This is Ingenuity for life.

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Change the future every day

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Everyone in Siemens is essential part of a hyperconnected workplace. From digitalization to automation, we’re changing the cities you live in, the places you work and the way the products you love are manufactured. If you're determined to help take us further with innovative IT solutions that keep our world connected and businesses moving forward, let's chat!   

Our Topic Areas:

Process Automation


Intelligent Infrastructure

Sustainable Energy 

Digital Plant

Smart energy villages

Industrial Communication Networks


Can you help us? (Charter of Trust)

Our tech stacks & methods

Technology advances almost every day. As one of our IT specialists, you can help us find new ways of utilizing it so that businesses can work more efficiently and effectively. Support us with our digitalization journey and new data-based business models or develop best-in-class security systems to keep customer details safe from cyber-attacks.

How do we help businesses stay one step ahead?

Information Technology is core to our future. You can help us build extensive IT security systems, create plans for using cloud technologies and build industrial data analytics platforms that everyone at Siemens will be able to use worldwide.

Protecting productivity

Industrial Security is based on several lines of defense and a comprehensive approach. To make this complicated topic easier to manage, Siemens offers a coordinated portfolio of solutions especially for the security of industrial facilities.

Cybersecurity at Siemens

Through its unique and multifaceted know-how as well as its comprehensive technology solutions for cybersecurity, Siemens is a reliable and preferred partner for customers who strive for the highest standards of cybersecurity – from factories and power grids to healthcare.

Mindsphere - creating a gateway to IoT

MindSphere is the cloud-based IoT open operating system from Siemens. It connects products, plants, systems, and machines, which enables to harness the wealth of data with advanced analytics. In addition, it gives access to a growing number of apps and a dynamic development platform as a service (PaaS). Learn more about mindsphere here:


Job Openings



Siemens AG


Electronics, Industrial Automation, Software Development / Engineering


10k+ employees









Company Benefits

  1. Performance-related and above average pay
  2. Development & training opportunities
  3. Innovative and creative workplace concepts
  4. Flexible working time models
  5. Perks and company discounts
  6. Gender diversity
  7. Family-friendly benefits
  8. An international environment
  9. One of the world's largest employee share programs
  10. Participation in Corporate Social Responsibility Programs #cents4sense