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Siemens AG

2 weeks ago

Shape the future with Siemens Digital Industries! Lead innovation in industrial automation and create a sustainable world. Enjoy a dynamic environment, career growth, and collaborative projects. Be at the forefront of tech advancements. Fluent in German and English? Apply now to make an impact!

Siemens AG

2 weeks ago

Join us as a Senior Software Engineer for Data Integration. Develop innovative solutions, collaborate with customers, and guide your team. Requirements: Bachelor's in CS, Java/Typescript, cloud tech, CI/CD, and data integration experience. Benefits include remote work and competitive pay.

Siemens AG

10 weeks ago

In Nanjing, China, our Digital Native Factory revolutionizes manufacturing with advanced digital tech. Utilizing DigitalTwins and simulation, we optimize processes, cutting errors and boosting efficiency. The result? Capacity up 200%, productivity up 20%! 🏭💻📈💥 Create a better tomorrow with us!

Siemens AG

11 weeks ago

Siemens unveils SINEC Security Guard, a cloud-based SaaS, integrating with Microsoft Sentinel, providing automated vulnerability mapping and mitigation measures. Available July 2024 on Siemens Xcelerator Marketplace. Join the team and help us shape the future.

Siemens AG

11 weeks ago

🌟 Join us for an engaging evening discussing Female Tech Leadership & Sustainability at "Female Impact: Tech Leadership in Sustainability" event 🙋‍♀️ Exciting panel discussions, speed networking, and open networking await! Limited spots available. Register now!

Developer Team

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Here at Siemens, we believe that technology with purpose has the potential to solve the greatest challenges of our time. Our international team sets that work in motion, and as a part of it, you can unlock your own impactful future career, joining us to create a better tomorrow.

We know that future operation will be different than today. And we want to be the inspiring leader, building the future jointly with customers and partners. Delivering real value fast, in collaboration, solving fundamental problems, growing sustainability, optimizing systems, and living the change, this is what drives us in our daily operations. 

For this we have created the Future of Industrial Operations. Our goal is to do nothing less than transforming the industry and ourselves, Siemens. 

We are crafting a portfolio for tomorrow, iterating fast over new ideas and being in close touch with our customers to integrate their feedback back to the products we built. With this approach, we are building the bridge into a sustainable world of tomorrow. Fast, agile and purpose driven, for us and the next generations to come. 



Tech stack

In Siemens we develop software systems that serve industrial customers and we want to enable them to design and produce products, optimize their production workflows, reduce resource consumption, solve the hardest problems in their logistics and supply chains. For that we develop software that covers embedded devices (like smart sensors), edge computing (like data collection or local ML inference) and cloud based systems (like SaaS applications for managing the field). We want to enable data driven automation, data driven optimization and we want to enable a growing ecosystem to extend our systems through open APIs and integration architectures. We so choose the right technology for the job at hand, e.g. use C++ for more device level software that needs special performance and memory optimization, or we use Python to automate data pipelines in the cloud, build backend API services with Go and HTTP frontends with JavaScript. Across our many projects and products. we so always strive to use the most efficient tools and generate the most customer value out of our time and effort.



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Siemens AG


Industrial Automation


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Company Benefits

  1. Promoting life-work balance
  2. Supported well-being and resiliency
  3. Wide range of development opportunities
  4. Diverse and inclusive work environment