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We are an innovative Bulgarian software company developing our own products. We love clever technologies, we love building great apps!

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Dear future colleagues, welcome to our company page!

As we already mentioned in the introduction line, we are an innovative and fast growing software company based in Bulgaria, developing our own products. We keep our fingers on the pulse of new technologies and love putting them to the right use.

The entrepreneurial spirit is on our DNA since day one.
Started only a few years ago, today we have millions of users around the world.

Both of our products, Stremio and AdEx, are front runners in their fields.

Stremio is an add-on based video streaming hub, allowing users to watch video content from different sources including movies, tv series, live TV and web channels. Our goal is to build the one stop-place for all your video entertainment content.

We started building Stremio in 2013. Over the years, we've been early adopters of many developments that have grown big, such as Node.js, NW.js (Node-Webkit), Redis, Electron, WebChimera.js, Docker and more. Since its official launch in 2015, Stremio has close to 5 million users around the globe and the best is yet to come.

AdEx is a decentralized advertising network based on the Ethereum network and blockchain technologies.

We are proud to say that we have built the world’s first Ethereum-based advertising platform. It is an amazing project. We are very excited!

And of course, none of this will be possible without the great team behind all this.

People are our company’s biggest asset. Each member of the team is carefully selected and brings huge value to the company ecosystem.

We appreciate our team members and invest in their professional development in various shapes and forms such as conferences, seminars, online courses, books.

The office environment we put together is really fun. We love gadgets! We have a lot of them around!

The fun part is that we need to test a lot.. so you can find anything at the office! :)

Bottom line, if you are looking for a big and fancy corporation, we are not one. If you want to build the future of tomorrow, we would love to talk to you!

Our Tech Stack

For our front end applications, we use AngularJS, and sometimes React. For our mobile app we use React Native.

For back-end, we usually develop in NodeJS (ES6) and Go.

The DevOps setup is relatively simple: we use Docker (with swarm and stack functionalities) and we have a few MongoDB replica sets and Redis clusters. Everything is behind NGINX.

We do a lot of data analysis as well with Google BigQuery and Tableau.

We do bash/python/js scripting sometimes as well to automate various company processes.

Some of the products we develop, namely AdEx, are completely decentralized: we utilize IPFS and Ethereum smart contracts.

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Company Benefits

  1. Working with latest technologies;
  2. Competitive salary with achievement bonus;
  3. Home office options;
  4. Flexible working hours;
  5. Very friendly office environment; amazing team of young experts;
  6. Extra paid vacation days;
  7. Free public transport;
  8. Free MultiSport card;
  9. There is always beer, wine and snacks at the office;
  10. Beer Friday starts at 3pm (in other days we drink beer after 5pm);