Machine Learning for Large Scale Code Analysis

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Building the technology stack for the next generation of Machine Learning powered developer tools

source{d} is building the technology stack for machine learning on source code (MLonCode). We allow code to become a first-class analyzable asset across tens of millions of repositories as well as a single one through our powerful source{d} Engine and machine learning tools.

With access to every open source and public git repository online today, developers and organizations can understand their code as part of the complex set of dependencies it really is. We envision every organization running a data pipeline over their software development life cycle, where source code becomes a unique, actionable dataset that can be analyzed and used in machine learning models.

These are the building blocks for the next generation of new and impactful developer tools & systems that will change the way we learn programming as well as how we write & review code.

Engineering consists of five different teams that represent the architecture of our product:

  • Applications (Scala, Go, Python, and Frontend tools): Builds CLI/Web applications combining ML research with our stack.
  • Machine Learning (C++ and Python): Performs R&D for Machine Learning on Source Code.
  • Data Retrieval (Scala and Go): Builds the technology that finds, fetches, stores and analyzes over +60M Git repositories.
  • Language Analysis (Go and another +15): Focused on Babelfish, the universal code parsing server.
  • Infrastructure (Go and Python): Manages a cluster of on-prem bare metal servers with Kubernetes and CoreOS, and GCP for user facing applications.

We care about Open Source. Everything we develop is available for anyone to read, modify, and contribute (under Apache 2.0 or GPL3 license).

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source{d} - Madrid, Spain
€49k - 53k | Equity Remote Visa sponsor Paid relocation
Company Website Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Software Development / Engineering 11–50 people Founded 2015 VC Funded

Company Benefits

  1. Fully flexible working hours as well as remote working
  2. 37 days paid vacation
  3. Full relocation package if you decide to relocate to Madrid
  4. 10% of your working time to contribute to Open Source Days
  5. We buy you any books that can help you be even better at your job
  6. Our kitchen is always full, from beer and sodas to fruit and ice cream
  7. Monthly get-togethers, Summer and Winter parties & annual retreat
  8. We host quarterly Tech Talks, as well as 3rd-party talks at the office