Manage, Search, Distribute, Pitch, Track, and License Your Audio Assets in the Cloud

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What is SourceAudio?

SourceAudio was founded by a team of five in 2008 with the goal of using web technologies to help production music creators and distributors connect with content creators and to facilitate music licensing. Essentially, we bridge the gap between the people who use music in media (for example, they edit trailers, commercials, TV shows, radio, movies, video games, etc.) and the people who have the music the first group needs. We now have a network of 1100+ companies using our platform which is built and managed by two developers using a smorgasbord of technologies. 

Development Environment

Our development team works from home, though if you want to get out of the house, you're welcome in our Culver City office. We aren't strict about development tools: you can use whatever IDE you prefer. Hours are flexible - we're on both coasts and are typically working by 8 or 9am in our respective time zones. We want you to work in the environment and time when you'll be the most productive.

Tech Stack

We have a LAMP architecture running on AWS, though there's more front end Javascript than anything else. If you dig deeply, there's some Node, Python, and C down there as well. We're full stack developers, as you often need in a startup, and still looking to hire a generalist before we expand to more specific roles.

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Company Benefits

  1. Full medical, dental, and vision
  2. Flexible vacations
  3. Flexible hours
  4. Work from the comfort of your own home
  5. No travel required