Use your software and files anywhere.
  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2006

Spoon = Virtualization + Web

Spoon.net is a revolutionary web-based desktop that lets you use software and files from any device.

Imagine simply installing a small plugin and being able to instantly run Photoshop, Excel, and StarCraft from the web. Add application state synchronization plus beautiful team collaboration tools and you have an amazing new computing platform.

Spoon's breakthrough technology enables this and more by combining virtualization with the web. And we need your help to scale the service, extend our technology to new platforms, and develop new features to amaze and delight.

We develop awesome technology

Here is a sampling of problems that our engineers work on:

How do you create a lightweight kernel-within-a-kernel that emulates OS features in user mode? Our application virtualization engine is the best in its class. We are looking for low-level systems experts to help design and build the next generation of features and extend our engine onto new platforms.

How do you automatically decompose applications into feature components and predictively deliver them to end users? Our adaptive delivery engine uses machine learning techniques to dynamically decompose virtual machines into modules that are delivered to the end user on demand, enabling instant launch over the web. Do you have the mathematical and algorithmic chops to make it work even more efficiently?

How do you instantly synchronize multi-gigabyte files across the Internet? We have developed breakthrough differential synchronization protocols and storage systems that can shuffle large virtual machine images around the web orders of magnitude faster than previous techniques. We want your database and networking expertise to make this even faster.

How do you make packaging applications and components fast and automatic? Our Studio packaging tool is the easiest-to-use application packaging tool on the market. But we need developer tool enthusiasts with an eye for usability to make the process even more automated and reliable.

How do you build a high-volume, highly interactive web site that seamlessly connects the desktop and the browser? We're using cutting edge technologies such as Scala, Akka, Lift, and AWS to build our web site and server systems. And we are looking for front-end developers and back-end operations engineers who are willing (and eager) to quickly learn new languages, algorithms, and platforms.

To learn more about Spoon technology, visit spoon.net/technology.

3 things that make us unique

Spoon is a technology company. Technological innovation is central to our business. We develop novel systems and algorithms that solve problems in disciplines from systems and distributed databases to machine learning and networking.

Spoon is profitable. We have an established and diverse user base and partnerships with leading technology companies. Thousands of enterprises and government agencies and millions of end users depend on our products.

Spoon is employee-owned. We bootstrapped our company from the ground up. Not having traditional VC investors gives us the freedom to adopt a long-term orientation and take on projects that most startups can't touch. Plus it's a lot more fun.

We have great benefits

Competitive salary

Matching 401(k)

Stock option plan

Fully stocked kitchen

Catered lunches

Flexible work hours

Bus pass or free parking

Build your own workstation

Generous paid vacation

Full medical/vision/dental


1000 Dexter Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109