The Smartest Way to Advertise on Facebook
  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2009

SpruceMail History

Spruce Media was founded in 2009 and was one of the first of Facebook’s Ads API Partners. With 5 years of Facebook advertising experience and over $250 million spent on Facebook Advertising, Spruce Media executed a number of Facebook ad strategies on behalf of its clients including Samsung, McDonalds, University of Phoenix, and Brown Forman.

The most profitable strategy by far was one imploring one of Facebook’s newest features Custom Audiences. This feature allowed businesses to upload their customer list and target those customers on their Facebook News Feed. In 2013, Spruce Media launched SpruceMail, a cloud based marketing platform dedicated to simplify and automate this powerful Facebook advertising strategy.

Values & Culture

Add Value

Adding value to our customers is paramount. Our success depends on theirs, and we strive to help them grow their businesses using the best possible Facebook ad strategies we know.

Iterate & Refine

We’re constantly iterating our platform and process to provide the best possible results and experience for our customers. It means constantly asking “how can we make this better?”

Keep it Simple

While our technologies and algorithms are complex, we aim for the simplest and most intuitive experience for our customers. We strive for simplicity and clarity in every facet of our company.

Tech Stack

We have and will always use what is right for the job. That might be a different language, framework or building it ourselves. At the moment we're heavily invested in Ruby, Rails, Postgres and Ember.js with a side of Redis and Node.

We have great benefits

Provide excellent hardware

Industry comparable (or better) salary

Flexible hours

Have fun and meet new friends

Open vacation policy

Health insurance provided


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757 Third Ave, Ste 2301 New York NY 10017
855 N Douglas St El Segundo, CA 90245