Building reactive message-driven node.js micro services for our rapidly growing fashion meta search

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About StyleLounge

  • Founded in 2014 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and investors, we built the first functioning price comparison platform that offers products from over 100 online retailers.
  • They key to this technology is our self-developed matching algorithm that has allowed us to structure and assign over one million products.
  • Since our launch in the beginning of 2015, we have experienced enormous growth.
  • Currently we are working on five successfully launched European markets and many more will follow in 2016 and 2017. #worlddomination


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🚀 What we do

We have a horizontally scalable application consisting of decoupled reactive message-driven microservices written in TypeScript running on node.js in kubernetes-orchestrated containers, continuously tested and integrated using Wercker serving multiple highly scalable, stateless web applications supported by centralized logging and metering. We move from many tests to test-driven development.

We only support nextgen browsers and use Sass, flexbox and BEM. We like functional programming, best practices, design patterns, schema validation, reactivity, idempotency, thinking about side-effects of things and simplicity. We spend time discussing and implementing the right solutions that allow us to stay scalable and reactive towards growth and changing requirements.

We design our architecture using Lego and a whiteboard.

👾 Our Stack

We spend time discussing the theoretical background of our technical choices. We enjoy learning something new at least every week. Therefore we tend to go with very new technologies.

We are quite good at avoiding shiny new things just because they're trending. That's one of the reason why the entire company encourages developers to constantly try out new stuff.


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Company Benefits

  1. Top-Notch Hardware
  2. Our own Gym
  3. Free Drinks
  4. Tech-Talks
  5. Family Friendly
  6. Frequents Parties and Events
  7. Fresh Fruit every day
  8. Help with Visa & Residency