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Location Based Marketing: Smart & Simple
  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2010

About Us

We're a startup that is actually making money (maybe that disqualifies us from calling ourselves a startup, but I suppose if Shopify can get away with it then we can too) and are growing rapidly. There is a good mix of people from many different backgrounds (tech, finance, business, art, etc.) and from different cultures from all across the world - we have no shortage of interesting people in the office!

Our system is a large scale crawling and data analysis platform that crawl through millions of websites every day, collecting data about our clients (usually large businesses or marketing agencies). It searches through all this data, finds problems, and provides solutions for those problems. We use a distributed cluster of cloud servers talking to each other via RabbitMQ to make it all happen, using several different languages: Python, Node.js, Go - usually whichever is best suited for the particular function it is supposed to do.

Every week (usually) on Friday we like to go out as a team to have beers, play pool/foosball, and otherwise just chat about stuff that we like to chat about. We're located in the heart of the Plateau so there are plenty of bars, restaurants, gyms, and other amenities to go to, and it is very easy to access by public transit. We're on the 10th floor of one of the tallest buildings in the area, so we have a great view of mountain and of downtown.

The Tech Stack

We're using a distributed service-oriented-like architecture based around RabbitMQ, with most of the services written in Node.js or Python depending usually on which language has better libraries for that particular service (there are a couple CPU-bound services that are written in Go).

The front-end web application is written in Backbone; server-side is a Node.js-based JSON API and a Node.js + SockJS websocket server for real-time updates.

We have great benefits

company laptop/desktop

friday beers

Who you'll work with

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24 Avenue Mont-Royal Ouest, Montreal, QC