Providing Publishers Content, Marketers Engagement and Consumers Value.
  • 11-50 employees
  • VC Funded
  • Founded 2010

Display advertising makes the Web suck yet the only way many of the cool sites we enjoy make money is through ads. What to do? How about create an end-to-end system that delivers sponsored content users actually enjoy interacting with? That’s what Swoop does and the tens of millions of users we touch every week love the content we give them.

Work at Swoop

We are a small team in a well-funded startup changing the way advertising affects 100+M people every week. We are looking for passionate people who love startup life and care about user experience, customer development, working with a diverse group of smart & experienced people, and having fun every day.

Our Business

Online advertising powers the free Web. On average, it sucks but it doesn't have to. At Swoop we value user experience, which is why we have created search-centric programmatic advertising that consumers enjoy engaging with. We value results, which is why we significantly outperform traditional advertising alternatives. We also value simplicity, which makes us very easy to do business with.

Our Technology

We run in the cloud using HTML5/Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, R, ElasticSearch, Redis, MongoDB, Hive/Hadoop, Resque, RabbitMQ and various natural language processing and machine learning technologies. We like to challenge the status quo and create elegant solutions to impossible problems. We run weekly sprints and often release several times per day. We know what it takes to build and ship great products. It’s why many of the previous companies we’ve been involved with have had significant exits. We pay it forward by being mentors, speakers and OSS contributors.

Our Space

We've mastered the Feng Shui of our workspace: whiteboards everywhere, natural light with no glare, height-adjustable desks, triple monitors and the fastest MacBooks money can buy. We didn’t want to spend our time commuting so we picked an office location that’s very easy to get to. We are next to the Cambridge Alewife stop on the red line and an easy drive on Route 2. There are many restaurants in the area and our building has the best cafeteria we know of, short of the one at the Googleplex. It's run by Whole Foods. Stop by. The burritos are on us.


- The opportunity to stretch and be awesome.
- A top-notch product organization with great people you can learn from.
- Cheap stock options in a growing startup with a very experienced team. We have a dozen startups under our belts with many big exits.
- Competitive salary and full benefits.
- The best workstation setup you’ve seen: top-of-the-line Mac, triple monitors, height-adjustable desk, Embody chair.
- The chance to relax and play at work. Our office has Mad Men couches, a media player, frequently delivered lunches, etc.  When you are not writing code you can hack our 3D printer.
- Help relocating to the Boston area.

At Swoop we solve hard problems at big scale using cutting edge technologies and a light continuous deployment process. Our stack includes JavaScript (RequireJS, AngularJS, Node.js), RoR (Ruby 2.0, Rails 4, Resque), Java (Netty) and Python (nltk). We are big users of MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, Hive and RabbitMQ. Swoop is well funded and growing fast, on track to touch 100M users every week.

We have great benefits

Company Outings


Excellent Health/Dental

Paternity & Maternity Leave

Flex Schedules

Food Food Food!!

On Site Gym & Childcare

Height-adjustable desks & triple monitors

Entirely self-designed work stations (fully reimb)

& More

Who you'll work with

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125 Cambridgepark Drive
Cambridge, MA 02140